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Do what you like! And like what you do! Envolving the inactive young person
Start date: Dec 2, 2010,

The 7-days training "Do what you like! And like what you do! Involving the inactive young person" will give opportunities for 22 youth workers from Europe and EECA countries to share their experience, to gain new knowledge and to explore the concept of an active European Citizenship, to explore different kind of youth work and youth art techniques that can be used as non-formal learning tools to support young people in their personal and social development as active Europeans; and to learn skills that they can use with their own target groups. During the training we will also empower participants to establish new contacts and to develop common project ideas within the Programme Youth in Action.The main objectives:" to investigate and analyze the needs and interests of youngsters in the participants' countries and extend knowledge about motivation of youth to participate and reasons which they can find as obstacles to joing activities especially in small or rural areas;" to develop an understanding of the important and specific role of the youth workers in giving youngsters an opportunity to interact and participate in constracting a tighter-knit Europe, which is democratic and world-oriented, united and enriched by its cultural diversity;" to explore the concepts of European identity based on common values and history and create an understanding of the active European citizenship; " to learn new skills and provide youth workers with necessary tools for further youth work in a more creative way and in a sense of active European citizenship;" to develop project ideas on the base of the researches of the situation in different European countries which will answer the concrete local needs of youngsters. Participants will get an opportunity to work out projects by themselves and work on individual and community European awareness. The training will help the applicants and their organizations to improve their skills and to enhance their knowledge of the theme.The training is designed as an open learning process based on participants experiences in the field of youth work. The meeting will follow a non-formal education approach and we expect active input from the applicant. The willingness of sharing knowledge and experience from the applicants are important tools to achieve the objectives.The methods employed over the 7 days of the training will be:o individual and group work, small group discussions and brainstorming, panels discussions;o individual and group presentation;o drama games, energizers and role plays;o learning by doing tasks;o simulation game and project writing simulation;o presentation of the Youth in Action Program;o organizing meeting with local youth NGOso workshops; o visual presentations;o self-evaluation during the training process.The date and venue of the training:7 - 13 February, 2011; Trakai, Lithuania.
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