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Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 30 Apr 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project’s topic is youth unemployment. We know that many organizations are trying to deal with this situation, but we think this topic that will be always actual. Youth unemployment always existed and will exist, but that doesn’t mean that we, civil organizations can’t do anything for solving this problem. Participants will raise their knowledge and their profitable competences, and with their current knowledge and attitude they will be able to start their own start up or social enterprise. Our project’s aim to bring closer for-profit and nonprofit enterprises to youth, we would like them to look at the subject with the eyes of a professional, to raise their entrepreneur spirit.Both occasions we will use nonformal methods, like groupwork, roundtable talks, world café, presentations, brainstorming, interactive presentations.The first youth exchange will be on Ada, Serbia, IFIKS NGO will be responsible for the project. The second exchange will be in Hajdúböszörmény, Hungary, FIRKA Youth NGO is responsible for the project. In both project (Serbia, Hungary) 6 countries (Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Italy, Macedonia, Greece) will participate with 5 youngsters (4 particpants and 1 group leader) from each country.
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