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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "to Kosice for the practice of" we planned considering the fact that the candidates to study at our school continues to decline despite the desirability of employers in the labor market for skilled manpower in technical fields, so we had and we are interested to deal with the problem and study at our school somehow more attractive to the quality of education provided. Objectives of the project: • Acquire new knowledge, experience and skills in the use of the latest findings in the field of control systems and information technology, and the transfer into the education of our environment in line with the European context. • Gain experience in providing internships for students of foreign partners in foreign companies. • Motivate students to greater interest in the discipline being taught and continues to develop professionally. • Increase the flexibility of students in the labor market. Increase the number of applicants. • Expand and deepen cooperation with foreign partners, schools and enhance mutual reciprocity in implementing the projects. Profile of participants: With the help of financial subsidies from the EU Erasmus + we were able to realize from 6 4 to 21 4th 2016 two-week internship for 6 pupils 3rd year of study fields of Information Technology and Control Systems (Electrical) in four companies in the Slovak Republic Kosice for cooperation and facilitating our partner SPŠE Kosice. When implementing a project pupils were accompanied by a companion, a leading specialist teacher who secured within quality smooth running of all activities associated with the implementation of internships, ensure monitoring, pupils were guided and leisure activities, was ready to provide support when students needed. Description of activities: • NESS FOR Ltd. - 1 student Software development and testing - automated and manual software testing through different working methods and tools. • T - Systems Slovakia sro - 1 student Internal IT Support - iInstalace hardware and software, maintenance of employee laptops, preparing the hardware for safe disposal. • Cassovia Hardware, Ltd. - 2 students Development of hardware solutions in information and communications technology (set-top boxes, IP phones, GPS monitoring) - preparation of hardware components for the fabrication of the product, preparation of cabling to connect the product to the network, testing and final inspection of products. • Sensor Ltd. - 2 students Production of sensors for sanitary engineering - soldering and testing of individual components, assembling products prior to shipment to the customer. The pupils worked on the basis of previously agreed work programs in secured Kosice companies. Trainees can then tried under the supervision of his tutor work under conditions which offers an international environment employer. They had the opportunity to try out in practice what has been learned at school, and deepen the knowledge gained by newly acquired experience and knowledge with which the learning process yet to meet. During the time off, participants had the space and to explore the landscapes, culture and history of the host environment. Participants documented everything with photos, shooting videos, continuously wrote posts and sending photographs on social networking site Facebook ( The results and impact of the project: All participants internships (6 students) received: 1) Formal recognition of acquired skills through confirmation in the Europass Mobility. 2) Certificate of completion of internship issued by the receiving organization SPŠE Kosice. To evaluate the results of the internship was used logbook each participant internships and answer sheet pupil on the assigned work, this material together with the results of monitoring tutor individual companies, monitoring accompanying persons and knowledge gained during individual interviews between participants, representatives of companies and companion, served as the basis to determine the progress of each participant and the development of Europass Mobility without using ECVET. The internship will develop the professional skills of participating students, and thus enhance their employability in the job. Significantly increases the ability of pupils to communicate in a foreign environment, not only in normal situations, but also in the workplace. Increase interest of participants to carry out their work. Deepen the experience and expertise will strengthen accountability in the exercise of the profession. Students will gain valuable professional contacts that can be applied after completion of studies. This experience will encourage more students interested in learning about your industry, ultimately those of their acquired knowledge and skills to inflate their professional qualities in favor of higher business on the European labor market or their educational opportunities at home and abroad.

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