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Do Evropy za zvýšením kvality odborné přípravy
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project called To Europe for Vocational Training Improvement is aims at the basis of tertiary vocational education – high quality of vocational preparation of students, who will become highly employable, and also on current situation in Czech and European labour market, whose demands on higher adaptability on multicultural environment is increasing.The objective of this project is to increase the quality of vocational training of tertiary vocational school students by them undergoing a part of their compulsory placement in the United Kingdom specifically in London and in Greece. The required increase will be further achieved by using the ECVET system as a tool of defining outcomes of these placements, whose evaluation will be provided by our partner abroad on the basis of mutual trust. Defining the Learning Outcomes and evaluating whether they were specific enough will result in even closer interconnection of education and training. These Learning Outcomes will be used for further placements in Czech companies as well as abroad as they allow increasing transparency of placements and internships for schools, students and companies. 27 students of tertiary vocational will be involved in this project. 25 students will do their placement in London, in two cycles, and similarly 2 students in Greece, in two cycles. The aim of these placements is to cooperate with foreign colleagues apply and test their practical knowledge and gain and widen further abilities and competencies. The criteria for selection of students will be firstly their specialized subjects and language study results. The students’ social background and behaviour will also be taken into consideration as the student will represent the school and the Czech Republic abroad. Both destination countries of our placements are as well as the Czech Republic members of the European Union; however there exist a variety of differences in working conditions, habits or historical development. During the placement, students will understand how important it is to respect rules of the living in multicultural society, deepen their social abilities, and test their adaptability in different social and cultural environments. Last, but not least their language competencies will improve mainly in the area of specialized terminology. International internship will increase employability of these students in the Czech and foreign labour market.The project is scheduled for two years. Before each placement, students will undergo cultural and language preparation, language testing and Learning Outcomes will be prepared for them. After students’ return, language testing will be repeated and outcomes will be compared with the initial ones, Learning Outcomes will be evaluated and adapted in accordance with this evaluation. During each placement one school teacher will provide a monitoring visit. Although we have selected our partner organizations very carefully and we trust them we feel that we need to personally experience the environment, where our students gain and deepen their professional, language and social competencies. Developing competencies in the area of implementing ECVET for improving quality and evaluating outcomes of work placements is an extremely important issue for the school. Defining Learning Outcomes before the placement allows transparent and clear evaluation of the placements. ECVET allows lifting administrative burden of work placement providers, which, we presume, will be highly welcome by these companies. We believe a number of them will encounter this system for the first time in the Czech environment. Practical experience of the use of Learning Outcomes will be used in updating tertiary school study programmes, which need to be newly accredited every 6 years, in preparation of new programmes and last, but not least in improving the quality of education itself.Cooperation with foreign partners will result not only in the above mentioned improvements of education and increasing competencies, but also in the school’s higher prestige and ability to compete among school institutions.

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