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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim of our project is helping participants – through completion of internship – to acquirr new language skills, increase personal skills, knowledge of history, culture and traditions of the host country. Those goals fit to the objectives of Erasmus +, published in “Erasmus + Programme Guide”, which follows: contribute to raising the level of key competencies and skills to match needs of labor market; improve foreign language skills and promote linguistic and cultural diversity; expand the international dimension of training and education. The project participants will be 72 students of technical secondary school, at second, third and fourth year of specializations: economy technician, trade technician, logistic technician and advertisement organizing technician. After the promotional campaign, recruitment will start (two-step recruitment: in the autumn of 2015 and in the autumn of 2016.). When the recruitment will be closed, students will take the extensive preparatory classes. After its completion, participants will leave for 3-week long internships. In the school year 2015/16 (April 2016) two groups will leave at the same time: one group to Italy and one to Spain (each of 18 trainees and 2 guardians). Next groups will leave for internships in year 2016/17 (in April 2017) - one group will go to Italy, and the other to Portugal. After completion of the internship and returning to school, trainees will fill reports in informatics system, create presentations outlining their participation in the project, prepare exhibition of photographs taken during internships, participate in conference summarizing and disseminating results of the project. Taking part in the conference will be last step including participants in the project. This does not mean that they will no longer experience the effects of internship – the results will for long time influence their lives – professional but also – indirectly – personal. The project will achieve the following results: - Gaining new and developing previously obtained qualifications, increasing participants chances in labor market; - Improvement of language skills - Undergoing pedagogical-language-cultural preparation by participants in planned amount of time; - Receiving by the project participants Europass Mobility; - Receiving by the participants a language course completion certificate, held as part of preparation class; - Receiving by the participants internship certificate, issued by the partner organizations; - Extending the ability to use informatics and communication technologies; - Increasing participants chances on labor market - national and European; - Raising professional and personal aspirations of trainees; - Increasing participants motivation to continue education; - Improvement in discipline, sense of duty and self-reliance; - Gaining by staff experiences necessary to implement new projects; - Raising the prestige and attractiveness of the school. During implementation of project, material products will be created: a collection of photographs documenting project on different stages; presentations outlining the project and its results; materials from the evaluation of the project. During implementation of the project, we will use methodology developed in previous projects, based on a clear distribution of workers responsibilities and the principle of continuous headmaster supervision of all project activities. From the first stage (development objectives of the project) to the last (dissemination and closure of the project) documentation will be collected and the project team will have clearly defined responsibilities. Improvement of professional and language skills, developing personal competencies will allow graduated participants to be more valuable and eligible workers; employing companies will become competitive on the market also because of the knowledge and experience of those young workers. That way, the project participants will have a positive impact on their employers high position on labor market. The project partners also will expand the knowledge and skills, useful in development of international business. School and partners employees working on the project, will get to know people raised in a different cultures, which will contribute to developing their sensitivity to issues of intercultural dialogue and diversity of customs and behaviors in other European countries. The school as an institution will increase experience in international cooperation, raise its prestige and popularity, which should have a positive impact on improving recruitment.
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