Archive of European Projects

Djyna-Belgium 2014
Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 31 Dec 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We are the youth group of ATD Quart Monde Jeunesse Wallonie-Bruxelles. We come from different socio-economic backgrounds. We often meet to practice forum theatre on issues that affect and revolt us. By this action we allowed to youth who were never asked their opinions to express themselves, and for some of them to do it otherwise than by violence. We met other young people from Europe to share experiences with them. For this we organized a meeting in Brussels where we invited partners from other countries to join us to meet each other and exchange about our different realities of life. We had several goals for our project : - Make an international meeting - Meet new young Belgian - We want young people from ATD Quart Monde to organize this meeting - Meet other cultures - Talking about topics that interest us - Exchange experiences with other young - We want to be proud to do something by ourselves and that at the end of the meeting we can retain something We brought together 31 young people from 4 countries. We hoped that this meeting would enable young people with fewer opportunities to be able to exchange their experiences, revolts, ideas to make things change in the society. We did not want only young people with the experience of poverty, we also wanted other young people who were more lucky, that way the meeting would not be based only on the language differences or different countries. The group that organized the meeting was divided into four small groups, and various organizational tasks were divided between these groups. These four groups met regularly to review progress, discuss and take decisions on various aspects of the project. During the meeting the youth of preparation group supported the majority of activities, but some were planned with other associations or by partners. Through this project, it helped young people to fend for themselves and be independent. Participants and young people who organized the week returned with plenty of experience from this meeting. They gained confidence in themselves and in others, and realized that they are not alone, but that other young people live the same situation elsewhere in Europe. This project helped the different organisations involved to meet new young people and develop their activities with them. Thanks to this meeting partnerships are strengthened between the different groups of ATD Fourth World in Europe, and other exchanges will be organized between the different partners and others to whom we will give the opportunity to join us. This meeting enabled new youth to join us in the long term in our fight against extreme poverty. Youth who participated in the organization of the meeting gained experience that will enable them to collaborate in the organization of other events in the youth dynamic of ATD Fourth World or in another organisation, and by involving other young people who do not have this experience.
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