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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our students and our institution is motivated to execute additional projects to existing vocational education program, to improve the quality of supplied labor, to increase the employability of female graduates and to experience new cultures by implementation of our Leonardo Da Vinci project approved last year. The project covers two weeks mobility to Hungary, the Czech Republic and Latvia. Respectively, 20 students from Child Development Section, 20 students from Hairdressing Section and 20 students from Food and Beverage Services Section will attend those mobility. 2 attendants at a time will participate in each mobility in order to increase the efficiency of the project, to give confidence to our students and their families, to make possible the monitoring and evaluation of training. In total, 60 students and 6 attendants will participate in the project. Participant students will be selected from successful, disciplined and enthusiastic 10th and 11th grade students. And companions will be selected from English speaking, professional, and pragmatic educators. The participants of Child Development section will examine Family and Children's subtitle, and will learn about the issues like family structure, points to be aware of child development, the impact of the child's place in the family on the mental health. During education, practical training methodology will be used. Therefore, the participants will be able to bring mentally healthy individuals in the society. In our city, there is a lack of sufficient number of kinder garden. By this project, participants will go to Hungary, gain self-confidence, increase professional skills, and expand their horizon. In this regard, participants are expected to be brave enough to be entrepreneur in this field. The participants of Hairdressing section will examine Buns and Bridal Head subtitles. Marriage ceremonies are important in every culture and geography but in Diyarbakir, these ceremonies have a special importance. Considering that the hairdressing services are more requested when wedding or special days are the subject. And it is a fact that, most of the women in Diyarbakir, prefer female hairdressers because of their conservative attitude. We have concluded that increasing the knowledge and skills of our students in this direction, will serve our purposes better. Our participants will receive hands-on training for 2 weeks in the Czech Republic and by this project they will move towards being able to respond to the needs of their city. The participants of Food and Beverage section will take practical training on Special Day Cakes. In this sector of our city, production is repetition of same pieces because of the tradition that professionals grow from apprenticeship. Therefore, in our province, there is a need for innovative professional trained in the special day pastry. In Latvia, our participants will receive hands-on training in a successful school in this area, and will be nominated to address this need. Our project, contribute to solving these problems, as well as to the improvement of women's employment, the development of vocational training, and the provision of cross-cultural interaction in Diyarbakir. These objectives will be carried out in line with the main activities of the project which are, preparation phase, mobility, dissemination, and reporting. In preparation phase, linguistic, pedagogical and cultural preparation courses are planned to be given. Cultural events as well as hands-on training will be held during mobility. Within the scope of dissemination activities, our institution and our students will meet with stakeholders in Diyarbakir, and it is expected to establish partnerships with these stakeholders for the future. In the reporting period, our project execution team will be supported by experts and evaluate the project. By doing so, they will be able to determine the pros and cons. Upon concluding a successful project, 60 female students are expected to become competitive in the market, to win the entrepreneurial spirit , to show linguistic development , to turn to learn about different cultures , see their place in the society from a European perspective. Professional development of the sector, equality of opportunity in employment, recruitment in socio-cultural structure, and increase in intercultural tolerance are other expectations that will have positive impacts on social development. The experience that is gained by our institutions is expected to contribute to development of the education system. It is possible that the project show chain reaction and facilitate the movement of getting better off from individual to regional, national, international level.

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