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DIY - Do, Design and Decide It Yourself
Start date: Jun 17, 2014, End date: Aug 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The youth exchange 'DIY -Do, Design & Decide It Yourself' took place with 28 youngsters at the age of 14-17 years together with youthleaders from 4 countries (Portugal, Hungary, Romania and Germany) at a place called recreation center AWOSANO at Oberhof and the city of Eisenach from 28th March - 5th April 2015. Young people at the age of 14 - 17 years are situated in the life period with transition between school and employment. This time in life is linked to large-scale deciscions for their future. With our youth exchange 'DIY - Do, Design & Decide It Yourself' we empowered the participants to make these deciscions more self-determinedly. Their ability to reflect on their skills and competences as well as their raise and strenghten self-confidence shall contribute to enlarge their freedom of action. Due to the appriciation of their own talents the youngsters will be motivated to stick to their decision for their certain future career. For those who haven't got a certain plan for the future so far, possible job prospects will be demonstrated by discovering proper talents and fields of interest. Their employability will be strengthened. The topic 'DIY- Do, Design & Decide It Yourself' focused on the social and ecological dimensions of sustainability, which was conveyed, experienced and shared (with others) through the workshops. The need of the youngsters for self-determined activity was picked up because of it's missing in their everyday life at school with its formal character. Furniture for the school club like a sofa, a rocking chair or sitting pillows were manufactered from Euro-Pallets or old car tyres. Clothes have been recycled, converted and imprinted. A media-group documented the event and got to know a constructive way to deal with media and technical equipment. Beside the creative activity a common day with outdoor education in the snowy forest pushed the teamwork. Reflection capacity about personal abilities and competences as well as raised self confidence enlarges the scope of action of the youngsters. Through the strengthening of personality the barriers of social participation were reduced . The youngsters experiences (in a practic maner) that their contribution has an immediate positive influence of the life in their school as well as the youth centre they attend but also directly encourages people to a sustainable exposure to resources. They set international and creative accents that oppose the negative consideration of their socioeconomic devaluated local district environment to a positive meaning. Through supported intercultural learning the participants were enabled to a positive treatment of diversity that is basis on the values of tolerance and respect. This appears resolutely against racist and nationalist attitudes. Besides the pedagogic-initiated and supported learning phases of non-formal education during the project program, the no less valuable informal times offered free space to a proper organisation. Esüecially in the rural area of Thuringia an intrenational eyouth exchange sets an important impuls to have a common Europa ready to hand and feel to be a part of it. A public- oriented activity in the city center of Eisenach using elements of Street Art, a wll picture with international welcome greetings made by the participants and an intensive cooperation with the local newspaper of Eisenach helped to involve the public. In the school of the German participants there was a group of pupils established who wants to visualize the various backgrounds of pupils attending the school in the interiour of the building.
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