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Diversity and intercultural learning
Start date: May 1, 2012,

Every year, European Youth For Understanding (YFU) organisations host exchange participants in over 1000 volunteer host families who are a main target group for YFU to increase tolerance and intercultural understanding. Today, most host families are identified through networking with the parents of the exchange students who are sent abroad from each country. Whilst YFU has many programmes to give financial support to economically disadvantaged youth to participate in exchange programmes, scholarships alone are often not enough to reach out to disadvantaged groups of young people, such as the children of migrants or youth from urban problem zones. In addition, YFU youth workers’ expertise does not often enough include approaches and methods needed to work with young people with fewer opportunities. So, the seminar Host Family Diversity: inclusion for intercultural learning, will aim to increase the capacity of European YFU organisations to include a larger diversity of host families in exchange programmes. It will gather together 20 youth workers from 11 countries who work with host families in Helsinki, Finland for 4 days and seek to develop a better understanding of how current intercultural learning NFE programmes and approaches should be adapted to better train and support host parents and host siblings through their learning process. In the long-term, this will increase the positive impact YFU long-term youth exchanges have on communities to increase tolerance and understanding of people from other cultures.

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