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Diversification of Elva youth centre
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Jul 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Diversification of Elva youth center" is long-term EVS project for one volunteer between Elva youth centre from Estonia as hosting/coordinating organisation and BACKUP from Portugal as sending organisation. Service will start from the 1st of October 2016 and lasts until 31rd of May 2017. Volunteer will be hosted in small city in Estonia, named Elva. Elva is located in the south Estonia, in the county of Tartu. The biggest city nearby is Tartu and the distance between two city is 27 km. There are approximately 5807 habitants in Elva, 1200 of them in the age 7-26. Elva is known for its closest to nature. There are 40% of the general area of the city is covered in forest conservation areas and parks. Volunteer will work in the Elva youth centre that works on the open youth work principles. Open youth work is designed to provide opportunities for young people to participate on a voluntary basis, in order to support his livelihood activity and social life. The activities are on the basis of open youth work principles educational (using non-formal methods); opened for all youngsters regardless their educational, social or economic background and supporting youth participation. Elva youth centre is opened from the year 2004 and there are two youth workers working in the centre. Beside there are approximately 15 different hobby classes (including dance, ceramic, art, animation etc) for youngsters in the age 7-18. There are also football club FC Elva. There are one local school, Elva High School, with 757 students in the age 7-18. Project objectives are next: - enrich Elva youth centre activities and daily routine with volunteer activities; - increase youthworkers and hobby class teachers willingness and motivation to involve volunteer to hobby class activities; - increase youthworker competences on international youth work area; - increase youthworkers and hobby class teacher oral expression on english; - strengthen different institutions cooperation on local level; - stregthen international youthwork cooperation with sending organisation; - influence the local community of Elva through EVS project promotion (people will see the positive side of foreigner involvement); - offer experience for sending organisation to increase their competences as EVS sending organisation; - volunteer have developed her skills, competences and knowledges on different fields (personal accounting, hobby skills, knowledges about youth work, different cultures etc). Volunteer will work mainly in Elva Open Youth Centre, organizing activities in the youth center open area and helping hobby classes teachers. Volunteer work tasks are next: intercultural learning activities (cultural evenings, cookings and language lessons in youth center); organized activities in the youth center open area (workshops in different topics - film, art, craft, adventure games, IT, acting); documentary movie club coordination in youth center once in a week; writing blog posts about her/his activities to youth center blog; organizing outdoor activities ( hiking, adventure games etc). Current project will have the strongest influence on volunteer, but it will impact also participating organisations worker and also youngsters, with who volunteer will communicate through different activities. Volunteer will improve next competences: cultural awareness, oral and writing expression on english and in estonian and self-leading learner management. We hope that this influences volunteer to take brave steps in her/his next life choices. Participating organisations will get valuable experience on international youth work area, particularly in Erasmus+ programme EVS projects. They will increase willingness, motivation and knowldeges on this area. This project will develop also hosting organisation team members, who will work with volunteer. They will improve their cultural awareness, english language and brave to take risks. As long-term benefit, we hope that this project will be just the beginning of trustful partnership with sending organisation and international youth work development in our organisation.
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