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Diverse society-Diverse classroom
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Structured Study Visit to Schools/Institutes & Training Seminar we are applying for will fully serve the objectives of the European Development Plan, set by 2nd General Lyceum of Hortiatis. There is a percentage of our students who can hardly meet the school curriculum standars, which merely focus on success at the exams, and , as a result , they get disappointed.In view of coping with the probable marginalisation of those students as well as the wish to make school reality more attractive and meaningful,the schools regards it essential for teachers to get updated knowledge and adopt innovative teachings attitudes.The seminar we are applying for combines a lot of key activities. A seminar,workshops, study visits at schools and intervention.It contributes to the internationalization of education in our school,, opens up new perspectives for future Erasmus+ KA2 and eTwinning cooperations.It fosters new teaching methods based on authentic material, task based learning,use of foreign languages and IT technologies. The teacher who is proposed for this project, is considered to be the most appropriate one due to her willingness for further professional development and acquisition of new knowledge. She has always shown zeal in implementing novel educational trends, she has pioneered in entering our school in projects and always seeking ways for professional development. She speaks English very fluently and has been certified as a competent user of IT technologies.The objectives of the particular seminar are:1.teachers should get familiarised with the dynamics of the multicultural environment of modern classes in Europe.2. teachers should become aware and receptive of the diversity in abilities and skills among students.3.teachers should create opportunities for all students to be actively involved in the learning process.4.teachers should try to minimize inferiority emotions and exclusion possibiblity for all students.5.teachers should foster cooperative learning , student-centred ,task based learning techniques.The teacher who is proposed to attend the seminar is considered to be perfectly qualified since she is willing and eager to gain new knowledge for her further professional developlment. She has always shown zeal in implementing novel educational trends, she has pioneered in entering our school in European and National projects and always seeking ways for professional development. She speaks English very fluently , she has been certified as a competent user of IT technologies.Structured Study Visit to Schools/Institutes & Training Seminar should implement a number of key activities:1. Everyday sessions on multicultural education,managing conflicts in a multicultural environment,recognition and evaluation of diversity, active inclusion learning activities,minimizing marginalisation,etc.2. Seminars, workshops and lectures: Professional development and cultural seminars, workshops and lectures will explore specific aspects of culture and/or English Studies in an enjoyable environment, within a wide range of areas of study such as history, geography, archaeology, literature, film, music, dance, education, society, etc.3. Cultural exchanges and professional presentations: The study visit should give time and opportunity for delegates to discuss a wide range of issues ranging from locality, schools, education systems, and pupils/students. Also they will have opportunities to deliver presentations on a variety of educational themes such as their education system,their institution, their town, their country, their ideas about future Erasmus+ projects, eTwinning and KA2 opportunities, etc.4. Cultural Day Visits: A variety of excursions to significant geographical and historical landmarks will enhance participants' experience.The new methodology which will be used to implement the project, combines and includes new trends in education. For example, collaborative learning,task based learning, interdisciplinarity, European orientation.The outcomes of the programme will have an impact on both individual/local level as well as at a wider level, too. First and foremost, the main objective of the European Development plan of our school will be implemented. The internationalization of school’s orientation and the opening of our school to the rest of Europe and the world. The incoroparation of new methodology in our everyday school routine, the realization of life long learning attitudes by students and teachers alike, the awareness of the necessity of continuous upgrading of existing knowledge, methodology and educational tools, the new perspective of future European cooperations, etc., are some of the expected results.By the end of the project and implementation of the objectives,the impact will influence not only the students and teachers of our school but also students’ families, local community, neighbouring schools and the wider region community, as well.
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