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Dissemination and implementation of outcomes of European cooperation in education and training in the field of key competences (especially MST-based), school-business partnership and leadership
Start date: Feb 1, 2011,

For the Ministry of education, youth and sports, the effective dissemination of outcomes of European cooperation in education and training, especially in the fields of key competences, school-business partnership and school leadership is crucial. We believe, that enhancing MST skills and competencies especially at primary and secondary education levels can prepare young people more effectively at changes and challenges of the future, where ICT and MST skills are going to be vital for a large number of jobs and where some professions would disappear and would be replaced by another. This is not however possible without involving businesses and research and development institutions more in partnership with schools and to give school leaders appropriate tools to promote curricular change. That is why we believe it so important to transfer outcomes of European cooperation in this field from European to national level. In particular, we are taking up the results already achieved by EU Thematic forum on School-Business Cooperation and EC´s Cluster Key Competences – Curriculum Reform.We are preparing at least five events - conferences and seminars, aimed at stakeholders on national and international level in Prague. To contribute to promoting the regional cooperation in education, we are to invite especially other Central European countries (associated in CECE initiative) to participate in projects. One conference, preceded by a pilot seminar, will be aimed at enhancing MST skills at primary and secondary schools through partnership between schools and businesses and would disseminate outcomes of related European cooperation amongst schools. Another will be focusing more on key competencies and would inform schools representatives about future EU plans on promoting new skills (green skills i.e.) and modernizing school education. Third major event with related seminar would focus on follow-up and outcome dissemination of previous activities in the field of school leadership in relation to CECE leadership project. We would also like to support further dissemination through project´s website, newsletter and publication.

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