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Dissemination and implementation of a quality assurance system for further education in organic retail trade in Europe

The vocational training and further education of managers and employees in the organic food retail market is characterized by a multitude of offers and actions on different levels and from different organisation, for which there are currently no quality assurance measures or systems. As part of the initiative E(co)-Qualify 20 partners from 10 countries have developed and disseminated basics of quality assurance for training in organic retailing. In the first phase, in the project E(co)-Qualify I, technical standards for the qualification of employees and managers were defined. In the second project phase, in E(co)-Qualify II, a comprehensive system of quality assurance for continuing education and further training in organic retail in Europe was developed and in the six partners countries Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany transfered. Partners from professional associations and educational institutions have created a binding and controllable framework with internationally comparable criteria and principles of certification.With the newly developed Quality Assurance System, a transparent assessment and evaluation system is offered. It contributes to the harmonisation of differing national educational and training activities in professional education. The intention of the introduction of a European Quality Assurance System is to offer education on the same high level with international comparable criteria and a controllable framework in the EU member states.Target groups and users of the E(co)-Qualify Quality Assurance System for education in organic products retailing are the providers of qualification and training, professional associations, businesses, entrepreneurs and employees and other stakeholders in the vocational training of this branch. In long term this should improve the further education and training measures in the different states of the European Union on a high quality level.
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