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Dissemination and Exploitation via Libraries: for Success and Sustainability of LLP Results
Start date: Nov 1, 2012,

Di-XL project aims to create a robust model of dissemination and exploitation of LLP results through libraries. Di-XL stands for Dissemination, Exploitation, Libraries.Libraries are ready to be more active in lifelong learning. With a large number of users and visitors and infrastructure they can serve as a gateway to millions of individuals, to social groups and institutions.The Consortium represents 2 target groups: a) libraries; b) organizations active in LLP, and wishes to create an effective reach-out mechanism to the 3rd target group: c) users and visitors of libraries as potential users of LLP results.The Di-XL aim will be achieved through the following steps: 1) identifying barriers and possibilities for use of libraries of dissemination and exploitation of LLP; 2) creating partnerships between libraries and organizations active in LLP; 3) designing the Di-XL Model: procedures, arrangements, measures to be undertaken in order to launch dissemination and exploitation; 4) training of library staff to assist in dissemination and exploitation (at European level and in each partner country); 5) introducing and testing Di-XL Model in libraries of partner countries; 6) multiplication and mainstreaming to involve other organizations in using the Model, to introduce it to the system level.To initiate the Model and during the testing phase, LLP projects implemented by Consortium partners and representing 4 topics: A. Gender equality and Diversity; B. Intercultural communication and language learning; C. Using ICT for Learning; D. Safety at Work; will be brought in for dissemination and exploitation through libraries. The outputs of Di-XL project will be:1) Di-XL Model launched and working in 5 partner countries; 2) trained library staff for assisting in dissemination and exploitation; 3) publication "Libraries as Powerful Partners in Dissemination and exploitation of LLP Results" with description of the Model, training material, examples from testing.
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