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Disseminating Educational Science Innovation & Research in Europe
Start date: Dec 1, 2011,

DESIRE aims:• To establish and test a mechanism to better diffuse and exploit results from existing innovative science education approaches and research results from the Lifelong Learning Programme and national Ministries of Education;• To provide a platform through existing national and EU portals for education and morespecifically science education as a sub portal to the major portal being established throughthe European Coordinating Body for Maths, Science and Technology;• To identify obstacles and facilitators for this model, and to communicate this knowledge torelevant policy makers and project planners;• To federate and stimulate the growth of networks of innovative science teachers at European level.The objectives will be achieved through the creation of a network of innovative science teachers, engaged in informal online training and communities of practice based on the results of the Lifelong Learning Programme and national initiatives in STEM identified by national Ministries of Education through the Policy Innovation committee of EUN. The project aims to address two key objectives of KA4, namely 4.1.1 and 4.1.3:• Analysis and definition of obstacles which prevent a successful diffusion and exploitation of results, the objective being to elaborate new, solid models of diffusion, dissemination and exploitation of results;• Transferring and implementing results (multiplication) and/or mainstreaming them into policies.Specifically, the project aims to:• to provide evidence-based rationale for choice of schools outreach models depending on the needs of a given project, especially when implementing in a pan-EU or multi-country context• to help project designers and policy makers better implement schools outreach models through the lessons learned of this project• to stimulate further development of a body of research knowledge in this field• to avoid replication of portals, networks, approaches
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  • Education and training\Life long learning (2007-2013)\DISSEMINATION AND EXPLOITATION OF RESULTS, AND EXCHANGE OF GOOD PRACTICE (KEY ACTIVITY 4)\Multilateral projects
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