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Dismantling the city, natural option
Start date: Jun 20, 2016, End date: Oct 19, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Dismantling the city, natural option is a project with ambitious and achievable objectives. Its goals are linked to Erasmus+ goals, focusing the efforts on a group that will have differences and enjoy this type of activities: rural young people. A concrete result, useful, transferable to other contexts. The result will reflect the efforts made by all the participants during the project. It will be a “palette” of alternatives for implement in rural areas. A resource that promotes the improving of employability and the job creation. A commonly used instrument at the disposal of Erasmus + Program and numerous agents to which the “palette” and other results of the project will be transmitted. The “palette” and the results will help achieve the general and specific objectives pursued Dismantling and address the needs of the 6 participating partners and have been detected. Objectives divided into general and specific:General:- Use resources of free time as generating employment opportunities, entertainment and cultural development in rural areas.- Develop social, economical and cultural opportunities through leisure and free time in environments with less shortness of geographical opportunities rural villages.Specific:- Make a “palette” of alternatives to serve as shared to be applied in different contexts within the activities in the free time and recreation resource.- Involve young people and organizations to reflect on their activities and free time, understanding that economical, cultural and geographical opportunities are generated.- Improve the knowledge, skills and attitudes in the development of leisure activities and free time.A methodology in which 50 people and the other actors will be involved in a timely manner, and participate actively and with implication is the key and the mode of working in a collaborative context, reflection and teamwork. The profile of beneficiaries and people who embark on this ambitious and necessary project, is the restless young people with needs in their entiites, willing to learn and experiment to remove barriers, create a critical citizenship, an inclusive society and enhance their employability through their free time. Throughout the project, activities will be held. First, information and preparation. In the end, dissemination of results. During it, evaluation. And the queen activity we will make the “PALETTE”: youth exchange. The latter will generate an impact and results at all levels:- For the participants themselves and their environment: gives them an experience that can mark them; will make them better skills and / or discover new ones; likewise overcome; improve their employability; own resources and alternatives, applicable in their bodies to break down barriers and achieve equity in those disadvantaged groups through leisure and free time.- The entities that are owners of a resource developed by their young and that can be shared with those in need. It will benefit from having young people have increased their personal baggage and carry out their activities in a more open and inclusive perspective, critically minded and active attitude.- In the local and regional level, as institutions, media, friends associations, citizenship, etc., echo they will be made and participate in their open discussions, in its open activities in their round tables. In addition, the range will be shared in local youth councils and platforms where knowledge is shared and resources to debate and come in constant reflection. The Group Scout San Juan de la Cruz shall submit to reflection since September 2016.- A national and European level, visibility will be made by transferring the range of associations that have the same needs for reflection and renewal resources. We will share the results on the websites of the National Agency and the range themselves always be available to the program, accessible to anyone who wants to use it.The project itself, not known for being ephemeral, unlike, the benefits are immediate and lasting in time. A dynamic resource, open to reflection and review, which can be implemented in many contexts, in any country in Europe and the world, as it will be translated into several languages. A tool that can be used in later years, and can be reviewed and research of each of its component parts. A person who lives in the transalpine mountain, in a small town on the Baltic or in a town of less than 2,000 inhabitants in Castilla y Leon, who enjoys the leisure and free time and want to seek alternatives, is benefiting from Dismantling .
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