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Start date: Jun 1, 2014, End date: Jun 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Dyslexia listening, speaking , reading, writing, reasoning and math skills for the acquisition and use of significant challenges which manifests itself in learning bozukluğudur.ülke our learning disorder instead dyslexia term is used , because the both educators and for parents by the " Learning Disorder " expression often " Mental Retardation " as is understood . This disorder success at school or activities of daily living that require reading skills significantly impaired. Dyslexia is not an intellectual impairment indicators . Some even may be gifted . Dyslexia many children who were suspected of mental retardation . However, the intelligence of the children with dyslexia , normal and above normal was found that most of the time . Dyslexia most effective methods for the solution of special education and teaching methods. Dyslexia can not be successful in life blood of a child who is not correct . Einstein scientists such as Leonardo da Vinci can be highly successful , but have also experienced the same problem . Norway as a result of his research on dyslexia associations in the world , 25 percent of children seen in dyslexia , which is about ten people in each class where two or three people have been identified. TSI in his research of our country, the incidence of dyslexia according to the region is considered to be between 8-10% . European Dyslexia Association 21 influential countries that depend on the European Union in EDA joint research and studies conducted in these countries identified and given training in dyslexic children between 65 to 90 per cent stated that progress . A child with dyslexia experience to understand how , in a positive way to intervene , able to guide specific learning methods to apply , family and positive interaction and cooperation found to pre-school education teachers and specialists, managers , decision makers and practitioners boards , classroom teachers, special education school teachers and guidance teachers, voluntary organizations and agencies serving the members and families who have been trained in this regard , examples and applications around the world have been the person who knows the experience should be . However , these listed individuals , institutions and organizations is quite insufficient skills and experience . Project activities in Europe with educational institutions, guidance centers , associations, private schools approach on children with dyslexia and specific interactions in place , we intend to observe and examine . Our project with the implementation of our participants ; dyslexia , the causes of dyslexia behavior, dyslexia types, diagnostic and evaluation methods, perception , integration, memory , coordination, dexterity exercises, socialization work, individual therapy and behavior modification studies, basic reading, writing and basic math concepts, ability to work and care training , social skills training, behavior modification, dyslexia test data , teacher interviews, dyslexia in resolving the child - family - school - teacher - guided and non-governmental organizations co-operation , job sharing, such as routing modern observe the implementation and examination results will have to learn and experience . Projects of our participants , especially the Girls Vocational High School child development section of our teachers domain of the very large consisting of all partners in our schools over the years about child developm Dent department , 300 students graduated to give the achievements of our yararlancı many of our great momentum transferred by will cause . Through our achievements and our practices , community mental retardation diagnosed in thousands of children with acquired modern and effective approach ; intelligent, knows how to learn , families, and society will become useful citizens . Expected effects in our partner institutions and organizations in our region and our country will show itself in all heterogeneous institutions and organizations . Expanding our skills and experience to the educational policy of our country we believe that the positive contributions . More people in more quality, modern and efficient education and a better future for our country's 2023 target will be reached by a sighted generation . Our project partners with the participation of all of our institutions are going to create will be carried out by the management team . The project 's total number of participants is 20 , participants pre-school education teacher , guidance counselor , special education teacher , learning disabilities and for equality who studies social association members , institutions and organizations manage covers . Why choose Germany as a partner in education with learning difficulties is one of the leading countries in Europe . The mobility as a single group in the city of Recklinghausen 09.10.2014 - 10.22.2014 will be held between the dates.
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