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Discuss, understand... change:Environment!
Start date: Oct 15, 2012,

The project entitled "Discuss, understand ... change environment... !" brings together 4 different youth organisations from 4 countries: the applicant from Slovenia Za in proti, zavod za kulturo dialoga/Pro et contra, institute for culture of dialogue, partner organisations from Lithuania Educational Debate Center, from Thailand Rajapruek Institute Foundation, from China Debatig Society from School for foreign languages at Beihang University to promote dialogue, exchange and cooperation between EU and China, empowering young people to become skilled advocates and knowledgeable active citizens, specifically on global environmental challenge and climate change and youth unemployment, poverty and marginalisation. The project wants to strengthen the cooperation, exchange of experience and good practice in the field of youth and non - formal education between EU and Asian youth organisations, expend the mobility of young people and youth workers from Europe to Asia and vice _j¿eLsa,-fQster_capacitynLiu.iLdÍDg for youth organisations and structures in order to contribute to civil societydevelopment which will all lead to development of sustainable partnerships and networks between youth organisations.The project consists of 3 international events: a Youth conference in Slovenia, a Youth environmental debate academy in Thailand and a Youth forum in China and 4 International Internet Debates The minimum number of participants at the international events - young people, youth workers and trainers is 150, at least one third being youth with fewer opportunities.. At the national level each partner organisation will organised different activities from public, Radio, TV, Internet debates, blogs, short films created by participants, drawings, essays ..., debate tournaments, youth and youth workers trainings, presentations, to different types of environmental and poverty reduction actions. The total number of actively involved young people and youth workers - special attention will be paid to gender balance - will be 2830, at least one third being youth with fewer opportunities.For the purpose of this project a special web page which will reflect the project activities and products and facebook will be created. After each of the international event a special multimedia on-line manual will be created, bringing written and video training material, lessons plans "' available on-line for everybody to be used in English or translated in their own languages. We will also offer these manuals for free as e-books at Participants at the international events will prepare a special newsletter about each of the events, available on-line. A special on-line video library with lectures, discussions, debates ... will be created and available for public. Three films - documentaries, about each of the international events will be prepared by participants themselves, available on-line.
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