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Discovering Magna Grecia (DIMA)
Start date: May 31, 2006, End date: Apr 29, 2008 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The fundamental study phase is followed by the ensuing operational project phase, which is inserted in the national network of I Parchi Letterari®, managed by the Ippolito Nievo Foundation under the patronage of UNESCO. “DIMA” is a cultural project that, by means of the study, protection and integrated and sustainable management of cultural, natural, landscape and economic resources, contributes to the lasting development of the territory. The scope of the project is the creation of tools for the protection of the cultural heritage and of the network of I Parchi Letterari® both local and transnational, for the development of sustainable tourist activities. A kind of “cultural district” ipso facto, consistent with the specific community and national policies, capable of offering visitors the most authentic values of the territory of Magna Graecia and the Byzantines, through that phenomenal code of interpretation that literature represents. A land of emotional inspiration, before becoming a land of literary inspiration, for many artists, who grant their posterity their name and surname to give a proposal of cultural tourism a title and titles. Main activities 1. Study and mapping of itineraries, both sea and land, of the magna graecia and byzantines 2. Laboratory for the satellite remote detection of archaeological sites 3. Building the network and products of i parchi letterari® 4. Promotion and transmission of skills and good practice of tourist services and products 5. “virtuous credit”; contribution to the start up and/or development of the activities The expected results Sustainability of the project activities; integration effects among the areas of the countries concerned by the ARCHIMED programme; reinforcing effects on the cultural identity, divulging of the cultural roots among the local populations; boosting local entrepreneurship and investments in tourist-cultural activities, valorisation of the local heritage; establishment of new enterprises and reinforcement of the existing local employment figures; improvement of the tourist offer and, in the long run, increase in the tourist flows to the areas concerned. The quantifiable results Itineraries on land and sea, maps and publications, satellite remote detection laboratory, network of I Parchi Letterari®, seminars, conventions, product tables, exchange of good practice models, tourist products, increased employment rates The direct beneficiaries Local authorities, ecclesiastical authorities, institutions with cultural ends, foundations, public and private non-profit making organisations, tourist and business operators, artists.

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