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Start date: Oct 1, 2012,

We want to draw attention to peace matters as basic structures of democratic societies. This project has 4 steps:1st: Research in 7 European cities about historical and contemporary peace activities. Since the 19th century peace movements have emerged throughout Europe. Ever since then peace activities are taking place, but there is little knowledge about this in public. Numerous monuments display publicly "heroes of wars". Peace is hardly ever a subject for memorials. We will develop 'peace trails' and publish them in booklets and websites, as virtual peace walks.2nd: To develop a curriculum for seminars for tourist guides, senior citizens, immigrants and teachers learning together about peace-trails and -communication. The seminars will emphasize the importance of a shift in language and thinking from a mostly not conscious militaristic tradition to nonviolent attitudes.3rd: Seminars in all partner cities will be conducted for participants, who will then forward the acquired competences. We offer communication tools and constructive conflict handling as the group exchanges experiences. Last not least walking the peace trail will be designed as outdoor learning process.4th: In the 3rd project year we will design peace trail activities in all partner cities, beginning in summer 2014 to counterbalance the foreseeable abundance of 1914 First World War mementos. We will prepare many events like: reading peace poems on peace trails; discussing loudly about peace in public transport; happenings presenting public theatre acts about significant personalities of peace movements, etc. We want to encourage involvement of audiences to consider that peace is worth getting involved in! Peace is much more than the absence of war. This is the core message: engagement and participation for democracy is our responsibility, be it in fields of pacifism, human rights, environmentalism, constructive dealing with conflicts, gender equality or other fields of actual changemaking!

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