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Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Nov 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The projects implemented by the organization have given increased attention to problems existing in various communities, especially those related to exclusion among youth, prejudices, labeling and discrimination against those coming from rural areas or from the poorest areas of the city, the difficulties they face because of lack of equal opportunities and the importance and need for inclusive programs. To meet the needs of the community, our organization has initiated and implemented such programs bringing together Romanian and EVS volunteers, to learn from each other, to understand each other, to discover, to go beyond labels and prejudices and attitudes of exclusion , to do activities in order to raise awarness and develop sense of tolerance and equality. "Discover-Connect-Change" brings together 15 EVS volunteers from Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Macedonia, Norway, Portugal, Spain, UK , Netherlands and 10 Romanians recruited from the 3 communities where the activities will be (6 with fewer opportunities: Hungarian, Roma minorities, poor economic situation , rural areas, health problems) for a period of 2 months, and throughtout the programs to learn from each other, develop skills, develop personal&professional competences, entrepreneurial skills, self confidence. They will work in international team, will learn to communicate in at least one foreign language, being aware of diversity, their potential for active involvement in the life of society, being motivated to participate and implement European projects. Main activities: 3 educational camps for children and youth in Baia Mare city and villages Copalnic Mănăştur and Suciu de Jos, 4 public events using the Living Library and World Cafe methods, mentoring, language courses. The public events will be implemented with the communities, involving all age groups and all stakeholders in the community. Responding to the needs identified in each community, the camps will have different themes: Baia Mare: "Healthy lifestyle and personal development", Copalnic Mănăştur "Communication and interculturality”, Suciu de Jos "Equality and Diversity". The objectives are: to improve the skills of young people, including those with fewer opportunities for their participation in democratic life in Europe and employment, active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, inclusion, solidarity; young people with fewer opportunities; improving the quality of youth work and cooperation between youth organizations; promoting methods of recognizing non-formal and disseminating good practice in working with young people; creating an international environment working with youth and linguistic diversity and intercultural awareness. Priorities: promoting the social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, a healthy lifestyle, both in sports and outdoor, fostering active participation of young people in society, digital literacy and language development of young people, promoting competence assessment methods in European and non-formal learning opportunities for youth. Methods used: experiential learning, learning by doing, storytelling, role playing, simulations, energizers, moments of reflection, teamwork, coaching, living library, world café, sports and outdoor media, ICT, music, dance, theater and games. The impact will be felt by EVS volunteers and Romanians, camps beneficiaries from Baia Mare, Copalnic Mănăştur,Suciu de Jos, by host organization, sending organization, the families of volunteers, local partners, communities as a whole, the Erasmus + and EVS, both in awareness, acquired knowledge, skills, in values learned and changes in attitude, in further initiatives and multiplication of the project, inspiring the initiative, action, cooperation for the communities of origin. The 200 children and young people participating in the inclusive camps in Baia Mare, Copalnic Mănăştur, Suciu de Jos, the 4 public events of World Cafe, Living Library, the 25 EVS volunteers and Romanians will generate in a very short period of time a synergy based on exchange of informations, methods, ideas, activities, projects, interculturality that will transform behaviors, attitudes, actions, lives, overall this EVS project is designed as a transformational project for everyone involved , the core values being: Care. Respect.Honesty. Responsibility. Trust.Equality.Diversity.Cooperation.
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