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Disabled Employability Signaling
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2019 PROJECT  FINISHED 

DESIGN stands for finding the most suitable person for a job, breaking discrimination cycles and society prejudice barriers persons with disability face. We want to deliver high job placement counselling services both to disabled persons and those employers’ with suitable job places.For people with disabilities the rate of poverty is 70% higher than the average partly due to limited access to employment.” (COM(2010) 636 final - European Disability Strategy (EDS) 2010-2020. There are several million EU citizens with a disability. They are one of the largest groups of disadvantaged citizens in the EU. They have traditionally experienced institutional segregation, or have been deprived of educational and employment opportunities altogether.DESIGN stands up to create a quality employment inclusive methodology: a learning network platform to support Social Services providers, specialised in disabled persons job placement. It was designed taking into account The Education and Training 2020 Strategic Framework, the United Nations Convention on The Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the European Commission’s Disability Strategy 2010-2020. Project conception forecasted some objectives:. Identify the suitable disabled person assessment on employability issues to support more effective JPS in matters of providing better counselling in labour market integration. Develop a learning programme focus on improving 96 JPS professionals (24 per country) key transversal and professional competencies and selecting 32 (8 per country) to engage in transnational activities. Create a disabled person JPS communication toolkit to increase employers engagement and job mediation services effectiveness testing it with 48 employers (12 per country). Pilot the JPS model supporting about 96 unemployed disabled persons (24 per country) finding suitable job place and retaining it, increasing the learning curve and productivity of both employers and placed employeesDESIGN wants to deliver high job placement counselling services (JPS), that will benefit both, disabled persons (DP) & those employers’ with suitable job places.The project proposes to increase the job profiling of disabled persons, better management of job placement services, stronger networking and effectiveness in employers engagement and most of all, higher rate of disabled person employability. To do this, the project proposes to train those people with responsibilities to engage with employers, but also to fine-tune the evaluation, counselling and guidance provided to the disabled person who want to apply to a job. In terms of fine-tuning partners want to further develop cognitive abilities tests and mediation processes. In terms of this incremental innovation the partnership hopes to have access to some existent tests which require licensing, e.g. CASPER of Cognitrom.The intellectual outputs will be: IO1-Evidence review on disabled persons job placement servicesIO2-Job Profile Assessment tool and manualIO3-Job Placement Services Learning programme manualIO4-Communication toolkitIO5-Job Placement Services modelProject methodology will follow new product development standards, processes&structure since this project is based in development of innovation priority. Project will start by making an evidence review on job placement services good practices (focus on disabled persons - DP profiling)&existing projects addressing employers involvement in DP work placement (IO1). The DESIGN project foresees to develop this approach using IT tools on profiling DP, and on training methods and techniques - Social Services providers (learning management system platform). These tools don’t exist and are completely new on this field. Another innovation is to pack the experience and knowledge to make it available for effective knowledge transference, among stakeholders. The Job Placement Services Learning programme and the implementation model (IO5) is quite new. Finally, the toolkit to increase employers engagement and job mediation services effectiveness. The impact of the DESIGN project will result in direct actions for disabled persons (DP) (empowering their control and participation in their employability process), NGO’s (tackling job placement services (JPS), weaknesses and increasing JPS managers; DP profiling processes to improve labour market integration), employers (improving the awareness and participation in disabled persons recruitment and selection) and participating organisations (increasing their capacity to offer effective training on job placement qualification).It’s expectable that DESIGN project empower JPS managers and practitioners by providing them with profiling tools and training to gain knowledge, skills, confidence, empathy and transversal skills necessary for guidance & counselling of disabled persons seeking for jobs, & also to network and match job seekers with employers.
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