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Direct Shift Gearbox Şanzıman Eğitimi Ve Stajı
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Productivity level of countries plays the role of substructure for the achievement of the development goals and for that the people sustain a prosperous life. The countries wishing to have a voice in the global economy with the productivity level attribute a high importance to R&D activities through continuous development and change. The automotive industry that has a turnover around 2 trillion Euros, a rate more than 5% of the world manufacturing sector and a very large market share with employment figures over 8 million constitutes an important volume of the productivity capacities of the industrialized countries. The giant companies in the automotive industry adopt the recognition, reliability and quality of their brands and works in a competitive environment to take share from this big market by following a continuous innovation policy in the global market and performing technology-intensive production. In this regard, the new inventions created as a result of R&D activities in matters such as compliance with the environmental standards, safety, comfort, lower fuel consumption and quality considered as the major element of competition in the sector influences the vehicle sales rate directly. To that effect, Direct Shift Gearboxes accepted as the greatest invention in recent years are widely used in the new generation vehicles owing to the outstanding features. DSG gearboxes spreading rapidly can change gears automatically in a shorter time than one split second without even a smallest vibration, prevent the power losses, provide fuel economy up to 17% with a superior performance and offer the comfort of automatic transmission and the dynamism of manual transmission together. And the need for qualified personnel in many areas especially in car maintenance and services and distribution, marketing and sales network for DSG gearboxes is increasing rapidly. In fact, even those who have been working in the automotive industry as master and master trainers for many years are reluctant to interfere with the problems about DSG gearboxes, the teachers of our educational institutions can reach the limited information through their own efforts. Within the project 5 teachers and managers working in the branch of Motor Vehicle Technology will receive training in Autohaus Bütje car maintenance service in the city of Cuxhaven of Germany between . 8/ 11/ 2015 – 14/ 11/2015 . After the innovative vocational knowledge and skills acquired have been transferred to the students at basic level, 32 students in total as groups of 8 people will undergo a practical traineeship in cooperation with educational institutions in car maintenance services in Sweden and Lithuanian between 28/02/ 2016 – 20/03/2016 ve 17/04/2016- 08/05/2016 for vocational rehabilitation. The following results and impact are expected from the project: • Providing the professional development of the participants by supplying them the new knowledge and skills related to DSG gearboxes • Transfer of the modern and innovative DSG gearbox technology to our institution, the private sector and other educational institutions by the participants • Improvement of our educational institution's quality and capacity, laying the foundations for sustainable partnerships across Europe • Acquisition of European awareness through living with the people from different cultures • Providing that the participant students get teamwork habits, entrepreneurial spirit and socialized and their employment by orientating them to their professional fields • Improvement of general and vocational foreign language proficiency of the participants The methodology to be used during the execution of the project will project management methodology. Thus, the stages of research, project identification, planning, addressing the potential risks, beginning and implementation of the project, evaluation of the project performance, impact and dissemination and completion of the project will be carried out in an organized and controlled manner. The potential long-term benefits of the project are to have more qualified and modern, technological training facilities as the managers and teacher of our school will have become specialized professionally, to adapt the technology changing in the sector following the share of the acquisitions in cooperation with the private sector and to pave the way for employment of our students as they deserve.

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