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DIQUAS-PT – Development of Internal Quality Assurance System for Practical Training in VET Institution

Analysis performed among Lithuanian teachers and students of VET Institutions,and social partners proved the fact that present quality of practical training is insufficient to meet the demands of the labour market. Due to this, quite a large percentage of students become dissapointed in the chosen profession, while the employers are dissatisfied by their training. In order to improve quality in practical training, the project proposes: 1)A need analysis to perform the analysis of practical training in VET institutions in partner countries, to define procedures and criteria for internal quality assessment in practical training, to identify factors determining transparency of practical training, and to develop recommendations for the products to be created. 2) the developement of the following products: Description of Conception and model of Quality Assurance in Practical Training; A set of Criteria for Indicators for Quality Assesment in Practical Training; Self Assessment Questionnaires for a VET institutions; Examples of organizing practical training while implementing a model of quality assurance.The examples will be : Video material;A set of technological cards for several construction activities areas. 3) To test drafts of A Set of Criteria and Indicators for Quality Assessment in Practical Training and Self-assessment questionnaires for a VET institution, based on the established quality criteria defined by the VET institutions of partners countries. Information on the project will be disseminated by organising seminars and conferences, by distibuting brochures and CD-Roms in English and Lithuanian languages and wil be displayed in partner web pages and web site of the project.
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