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Dille Erasmus + yrkespraktik 2016
Start date: 06 Jun 2016, End date: 05 Oct 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project is a mobility project aimed at offering students specializing in natural resource use (sometimes called “natural sciences - covering plants, animals, nature and forests) a traineeship abroad. Our organization is a gymnasium for natural sciences with 65 pupils and offers specializations in: horses, hunting, tourism, dogs and forestry. The target group is pupils that are in their second or third year of schooling, ages 15-19. The objective would be to send 12 students to Iceland, 4 to Italy and 4 to France during the period 2016-2017. In Iceland our cooperation partner is LBHI (Iceland´s University of Agriculture) that offers traineeship positions in several areas of interest to us, for example: the Icelandic Horse, hunting, horses and forestry. The trainee positions are family enterprises or government agencies with a connection plant and animal husbandry and natural resource use more generally. In Italy we are in contact with a family-owned farm that would be willing to partner with us in offering trainee positions with horses, olive tree farming, vineyards and the farm hostelry. Similarly, in France, we are in contact with a family-owned enterprise offering traineeships in the area of horses, hunting and the care of the wild. We have for several years had the possibility to send our students traineeships, or learning in the working environment abroad and the experience has been a very good one. Returning to Sweden the students often refer to their traineeship experience from which they have gained a deeper understanding for the husbandry of plants, animals and care for nature. In an increasingly integrated world, our organization needs to be exposed to other professional cultures and knowledge; we need to improve our teaching methods and develop cooperation with more partners. We find it increasingly necessary for our students to expand their skill sets so as to improve their attractiveness in the working environment at home and abroad. They need to broaden their horizons and practice the use of foreign languages – and they will benefit from exposure to different approaches. A traineeship in a foreign country will effectively promote these goals. We also hope that it will boost our pupils’ ability (and prospects) of seeking higher education – or even work abroad. Perhaps most importantly, we believe that this project will lead to better understanding of the benefits of diversity and tolerance which, in turn, will facilitate European integration. We will administer the project through preparatory conversations with our partners where we will agree on the parameters. This will include deciding on the time period, the number of students, knowledge prerequisites as well as applicable rules and regulations in the country of destination. We will ensure that the responsible teacher is aware of what is expected from the pupil and the responsibilities she or he will undertake. The guidance counsellors and teachers in our partner organizations will be responsible for maintaining regular contact with the trainees. Three-way meetings between the guidance counsellor, teachers and pupils will be undertaken through actual on-site visits, or online. Should problems arise, the guidance counsellor will have the responsibility of immediately contacting the responsible teacher. On Iceland, our partners at LBHI would be able to send staff to the trainees for consultations. The students will maintain a blog which the responsible teacher as well as the counsellors will follow. The students will report orally as well as in writing. During the oral reports other students, staff and teachers will be able to share in the experiences gained. The results will be implemented in the organization through reports and discussions. The accomplishments of the different tasks assigned to the pupils will be the basis for grading. Information and results will be posted on the school’s website, Facebook page as well as in articles and relevant professional publications. This will be intended to stimulate others to seek similar projects and to market the school and spread the knowledge gained.
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