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Start date: Oct 1, 2014, End date: Sep 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Project will be carried out under the the coordination of Kdz Ereğli Guidance and Research Centre with Çaycuma Guidance and Research Centre and Kdz Ereğli National Education Directorate, Kdz Ereğli bussiness trade vocational high school. Host partner of the Project is Iuventas in Ludwigshafen, MKS Medical and IDA vocational institution in Germany that is working with the studentds who have ADHD via educational diagnosis and support services in vocational education. There will be two mobilities during the Project. The second mobility will be carried out with Su International which is an experienced institution in the projects of EU. The Project will be carried out between the dates 10 - 23 May 2015 in Germany and 12 - 25 July, 2015 in Holland. Beneficiaries of the Project; The staff of Guidance and Research Centre, school counselors in vocational schools, managers in istitution of policy-makers, the coaches specialied in education and trainig on ADHD. There will be 26 beneficiaries in total with 13 in each mobility. It is decided to take place male and female participants equally in the project because of the role and position of women in bussiness in our country. Attention disorder and hyperactivity disorder, hyperactivity, attention problems are psychiatric disorder which have symptoms like doing immediately what they think. According to the results of scientific studies, the rate of the individulas who have ADHD is about 5-7% of the general population but with undiagnosed individuals may arrive a rate of 15-20% . In this case, teachers are the most important ring in the process of diagnosis of ADHD, after their families. Because the levels of education of families variable, the teachers have the most important role in the diagnosis and rehabilitation of ADHD. In order to succeed with these children, the teachers should have a positive and achievable goals, a good degree of observation, auditing skills, cooperation (with special education teachers and specialists), and they should be open to innovations. Informing teachers about ADHD in European standards; the transfer of this information to our country, adaptation and development compared with European countries, the number of affected children and education in terms of performance has a great importance. Our Project has a priority about the needs of the education and to become widespread. The overall objectives of the project; 1. Diagnosis, vocational guidance and education of teaching methods and techniques of the students with ADHD in Europe. 2. To see how to arrange appropriate training in vocational education about ADHD and increase their knowledge, skills and experiences. 3. To establish parents-school- environmental awareness and responsive against students with ADHD Throughout the Project these attainment areas are planned to be achieved; 1. To train experts who has international competence in the field of support services and educational diaognosis of ADHD. 2. To increase the academic achievement of the students with ADHD in vocational education. ın the need of education ADHD students 3. To regain young people in vocational education with ADHD who has interrupted their educaition 4. To help regaining the rights of children with ADHD who were convicted from the education for behaviour and discipline problems. 5. To provide the ADHD courses given in the faculties of education throughout Turkey as facultative subject. For these purposes, an information booklet will be prepared with obtained skills and knowledge by the participants of this project and sent to all RAMs. İz Koçluk will hold a training seminar in Kdz Ereğli to all vocational high school teachers, school counselors, parents of students with. The report will be sent to the ministry and related departments. In addition, a web site containing details of the project and its results will be created. To generalize the obtained information and experiences will help to realize children in education with ADHD, and therefore will enable them to be productive employment according to their ability.

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