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Dijital Reklamcılıkta Rekabetçilik İçin Avrupa'da İnovatif Uygulamalar
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This Project included 42 girls who study in the eleventh grade in the field of Information Technologies and Graphic Design at Karşıyaka Orhan Çobanoğlu Vocational and Technical High School, Nurten Yetimoğlu Vocational and Technical High School, İMKB Vocational and Technical High School and Sabancı Vocational and Technical High School moreover would do their internship in the advertising sector for the next year and were planning to be employed in this field. Aim of the Project: For the last few years, the changes in the marketing sector, for example development in the technology, increasing number of the mobile phones, digital life beginning with the rapidly increasing usage of internet have not only affected the overall habits of individual’s purchasing but also changed the market sense. While advertising gets the biggest income in the rapid growing digital market, the digital market has risen as the outstanding competitive area in the following ten years for the whole international firms and countries with its contribution of young manpower employment, branding and economy. In the use of information and communication technology, as Turkey has the 6% of the world informatics and 3% of European Informatics market is unable to get the share from the market that it deserves in the economic context. Advertising has the most profitable income in this market and due to lack of qualified manpower in this market force us to cooperate with either foreign partners or foreign advertisement agencies. On the other hand we have great number of entrepreneur young man power who has the main talents of occupation and imagination in the field of communication and information Technologies and art design. The project prepared with the principles given above ; We aimed to improve the talented youths with innovative knowledge and abilities that they short of in the field of innovative advertising and design during the theoretical and practical trainings in European countries which go ahead in this field with onsite applications. We reached our goal with the partnership of three successful institutions and a firm from four countries of Europe.11participants in ROC Tilburg, Tilburg ,the Netherlands,10 participants in Vyssi Odborna skola Graficka a Stredni Prumyslova Skola Graficka , 11 participants in Formacion Fu Sl, Tenerife, the capital city of Canary Islands, Spain, and 10 participants in ITNT Multimedia & Marketing GmbH , Dorsten ,Germany have trained in accordance with the programme of our Project for two weeks. The project supported their needs not only in developing their knowledge and talent but also in examining the changes and transformations in the IC technologies and international markets, providing exchanging experiences and knowledge with their peers, being able to follow the current developments closely by creating communication networks related with this area, providing cultural exchange and Turkish culture, widespreading the skills and experiences gathered from the mentioned countries starting from our region to the whole country and strengthening the social dialogue mechanisms and improve foreign language skills Our project which has three disabled participant started on 01/06/2015 and finished on 01/06/2016.In this period The all activities pledged have been completed. And we will continue to try to generalize the aims of the project and to reach its final goals
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