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The project „Digitalized Modules for Environmental Education” aims at combining the activities of the partner institutions from Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Poland and Lithuania , in what concerns the environmental education of pupils. Focus will be given to the recognition of the environmental problems of each area, discussions of possible solutions, protection of natural resources, reduction of the mass of wastes, awareness of the world where we live in, thus trying to verify if the goals for a sustainable development including issues related to energy and climate change are reached; the participants will use ICT, theoretical and practical methods together in order to produce digitalized modules for environmental education. The output of the project will be in the form of written, illustrated booklets, e-books, audio books, PowerPoint presentations, DVD/Videos of dramatized stories, images of Art objects, and through video conference/ webcam and e-mail communication. It will be linked to the following curriculum areas: Biology, Geography, Foreign Languages, Mother Language, ICT.Through their involvement it is expected that pupils and adults will be motivated to look with interest and curiosity at environmental issues, that they will gain a deeper knowledge and consciousness of ecological balance and its importance for the continuity of human life as well as other creatures' life.
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