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Digitalization and visualization of the most important museum collections of traditional costumes and jewelry by introducing the new 3D technology (VIRTUAL MUSEUM)
Start date: Apr 21, 2013, End date: Apr 21, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project strategy is based on the definition and identification of important museum contents and collections of exhibits kept in the depositories of both museums, selection of objects (costumes and jewelry) which will be put on display as the first exhibits in the Virtual Museum after 3D laser processing using modern technologies. Museum experts emphasize that the processes of aging and deterioration of objects kept in museum are inevitable; therefore, digitization of these items is necessary and urgent. Organizing virtual exhibitions of objects which are sensitive to external influences and require strictly controlled environmental conditions will extend their existence and eliminate possibilities of damage. In addition, high costs of preparations for transport, putting exhibits on display in galleries, providing for their physical security and storing them back in the museum depositary will be avoided. Virtual exhibitions will make invaluable museum collections available to a wide audience. Digitalization will continue and s will contribute to bringing people together, their better understanding of each other and will increase the number of tourists visits. During symposia and other events planned under the project, two cultural and artistic associations (one from each of the regions of Pernik and Nis), will give performances dressed in authentic folk costumes, performing traditional folk songs, games and customs of their homeland. All events will be documented by publication of appropriate material, such as workbooks, brochures, CD and DVD recordings, media presentations in the press and TV stations, etc. New mechanisms to be initiated under the project will be based on the widespread social networking of people by means of the Internet. Results of individual research in the field of cultural heritage (ethnic music and lyrics, costumes, jewelry, handcrafts and tools for work, works of art, numismatics, ...) will be presented on a specially designed web site or some of the social networks (Facebook, Twitter) in which way they will be implemented in the work of the relevant professional institutions of both regions. Participants in the project will be given an opportunity to explore the depositories of partner museums where the exhibits are stored and acquaint themselves with measures of preventive and permanent protection. Achievements: The project envisioned and achieved the following results:- Two common cross-border tourist products and services realized through two international photo competitions and photo exhibitions held in Nis and Pernik. The photo exhibitions were accompanied by a fashion show and a performance of cultural - artistic association.- Four tourist destinations were created;- Two cultural events were carried out - two ethnological exhibitions opened in Nis and Pernik. The exhibitions were accompanied by performance of cultural - artistic associations.- Three projects concerning common products and services were realized. One is the Virtual Museum web site. The second is scientific conference Held in Pernik on 27/28.03.2014. Scientific symposium held in Nis on 11.04.2014 is the third: Carrying out 3D scanning of the selected objects, processing of the results and at the end presentation of the processed 3D models by using modern 3D technologies and the internet;- Two thematic exhibitions were held one in Nis on 10.04.2014 and one In Pernik on 27.03.2014. One scientific conference held in Pernik on 27/28.03.2014 and one scientific symposium in Nis on 11.04.2014.- Two awareness campaigns were carried out. Two thematic exhibitions were held. The thematic exhibition "Virtuelni svet narodnih nosnji i nakita" was held in Tami Residence Hotel in Nis on 10.04.2014.150 copies of a catalogue in full colour on 20 pages in three languages were printed for this exhibition. The other ethnological exhibition was opened at the RHM Pernik on 27.03.2014 and it was followed by 150 copies of a catalogue on 20 pages.The project was successfully completed in April 2014.
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  • 2007 - 2013 Bulgaria - Serbia IPA CBC (BG-RS)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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