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Digital Transformation of European Micro enterprises
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2019 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the competitive market of the third millennium, there is a need to equip businesses to become the enterprises of the future, where digitalisation of companies and e-leadership skills will be a MUST. Nowadays, novel digital technologies (particularly Social, Cloud, Mobile and Big Data) are transforming the way companies operate across all markets and creating new business opportunities for digital entrepreneurship.Large and medium companies are equipping themselves to cope with the digital transformation. In contrast, Micro Enterprises (MEs), have less opportunities to access training they need to concentrate key competences and abilities in very small teams.DiTEM will contribute to the development of Digital Entrepreneurship across the EU by facilitating the development and acquisition of e-leadership skills in Micro Enterprises (MEs), by providing an innovative learning path for entrepreneurs and managers of MEs to embrace and implement the Digital Transformation. The project will focus on Micro Enterprises because they are less prepared and able to face the challenges related to embracing digital technologies. DiTEM will help to minimise the risks faced by MEs as they seek to implement new digital tools and processes.DiTEM will also positively impact on a secondary indirect target group: organisations that provide training in business and enterprise development (VET trainers-business coaches). They will be able exploit DiTEM Training Tool to enrich their training offer and to support the digital transformation of European MEs.In total 200 MEs managers and business executives will be involved in the project: first in the initial training needs analysis and then they will benefit from doing the online training and being supported by online coaches.Target group VET trainers and business coaches: in total about 40 VET trainers and business coaches will benefit from project results. They will participate in VET training and then gain experience in delivering on-line coaching support to MEs. Via the mainstream dissemination activities (e.g. social media, website visitors, e-newsletters) and the multiplier events, the number of people and organisations reached is expected to be considerable (5000).The work-plan is organized on a 36 months’ basis: - The 1st phase will serve to conduct a training needs analysis. - In the 2nd phase the training course and the online learning environment will be developed and tested internally by the consortium;- During the 3rd phase, a set of training activities will be held in each participating country: partners’ staff trained to be DiTEM coaches and train the trainers, blended train the trainers activities (VET trainers to be DiTEM coaches), blended training for end-users (MEs’ business leaders). This phase will also serve to pilot test the developed products;- Based on the results of the pilot test and studies conducted in each project country, policy recommendation will be issued in the 4th phase. During the last months, dissemination activities (which will start from the beginning of the project) will be given a boost and an exploitation plan will be launched to promote the DiTEM training system and coaching.The project methodology is based on three principles:1. Develop products that are the best suited to the needs of the target group identified;2. Make the products of the project sustainable and usable for a large number of stakeholders after the end of the eligible period. The train the trainers activities and the involvement of VET providers is aimed to reach this goal;3. Promote a work-based learning approach for micro enterprises, based on a blended training course supported by online coaching. The focus of the training will be mainly on 4 digital technologies, such as: mobile solutions, social media, cloud computing and big data. Participants are expected to become able to:- understand and recognise the full potential of the proposed technologies for their activity and market; - set out a strategy to invest time and resources on the improvement of the digital performance of their company;- select the best solution available in the market;- Involve the relevant consultants or experts to make use of the technologies available.In short, they are expected to become e-leaders. Besides single MEs, the project intends to impact the entire European business Community, which will benefit from an open educational resource available online, supported by a network of coaches around Europe. A particularly important expected impact of the project is to influence policy-makers. The project will raise the awareness and understanding of VET and SME stakeholders regarding the potential and value of a more strategic and integrated use of ICT and open educational resources to drive SME growth and performance.
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