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Digital Latin Quarter
Start date: Oct 1, 2011,

As Europe moves towards a more coherent, more equal, more unified entity protecting its rich and varied cultural and linguistic diversity will become more difficult. Looking forward, there is one thing that every European citizen can be sure of: the media will play an increasingly important role in the lives, perspectives and attitudes of society of the future. The youth of today are the guardians of European society of tomorrow. But what will that European society look like? Will it be ‘green’, environmentally friendly and responsible? Will it be multi-ethnic, culturally diverse and tolerant? Will it be equality focussed, with deference to age, gender, creed and respectful? Will it be smart, sustainable and inclusive? Will it be innovative, progressive and rewarding? Building key competences of young Europeans to live and work as responsible, tolerant, respectful and innovative citizens in the digital age is now of profound importance. Youth work is typified by its progressive nature. Many innovations in second-chance learning derive from experimentation in the youth work arena. While most youth workers are qualified to degree or higher diploma standards many of the pedagogic interventions that form such an important part of their daily work are based on intuitive learning rather than specifically tailored continuous professional development supports. The aim of DLQ is “to support innovation in education for youth-at-risk by harnessing the potential of ubiquitous media platforms to develop key transversal competences of the target group supporting their re-integration to formal education and their personal progression and continued engagement as valued members of European society”. DLQ responds to the challenge of ensuring that all those with a non-traditional educational history can benefit from innovative technology based interventions to acquire the key competences for active citizenship and personal development.

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