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Digital education for Enhanced Editorial products
Start date: Feb 1, 2012,

The publishing sector is facing new challenges caused by the technological development of new digital publishing materials.A survey commissioned by the EC about printing and publishing sector highlights the necessity for upskilling and training workers in order to improve their knowledge about new technologies as enhanced book, new software applications including mobile devices. In response to this, the project E2 aims at designing an e-learning course for publishing workers in order to provide them with a full range of skills related to the most innovative and user-oriented technologies that integrates the traditional competencies of the publishing sector with innovative e-publishing materials. The course foresees an integration of learning with working.The E2 project aims at increasing the awareness and to improve the skills of workers employed in the publishing houses, helping participants to develop competencies in designing high quality e-publishing materials in order to create new professionals in the publishing sector and to promote creativity, competitiveness and the entrepreneurship spirit by using ICT instruments. The project, therefore, addresses the Leonardo da Vinci priority "Developing Vocational Skills considering the labour market needs - New Skills for New Jobs". Main activities are:- a research to identify the vocational skills and the training needs;- the development of training materials;- the design and development of an e-learning platform to deliver the training course;- the delivery of the course and the production of project works;- the delivery of a Community of Practices.The envisaged impact is to create new occupational profiles by improving skills and competencies of traditional workers in publishing related to the innovative publishing tools and applications in order to make workers and publishing houses more competitive in the market and to keep up with new ICT tools and applications.
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