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Different people, one heart , united by sport
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 30 Nov 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

(CONTEXT AND OBJETIVES)To talk about team sport, overcoming, inclusion, friendship, partnership and all the things that represent to do activities in common with other people, it is part of the essence of the live, with which we feel fulfilled and satisfied.It is talk about a social role, sport, cultural and leisure without comparison and that join us and involve in the same project in which age, race, religion or origin it is not important.Sport is thus the choice way to work the union and the reception between different members. Being a vital part the way to stimulate the intercultural comprehension, getting over the linguistic wall and other problems and creating bridges between the participants. Finally the group effort, the overcoming, the amusement and the respect are some of the key values that the method allow to get.If we add the illusion, the fun and the attractive that this kind of program creates actively in the teenager and even more if you use the sport like key, it is sure the experience will be magnificent and unique, with which everybody will be happy.So this kind of meeting between young of two different countries, very different, but with a huge dream will be a great opportunity to develop personally the next points:- The progress in key competences like the affective communication, the partnership, the intercultural reception.- The basic values promote by the UE, statutory right in the 2 point of the UE treaty, in reference to the respect to the rest.- The encouragement of the sport practice and physical activity like support of a healthy life without risk and illness.- The positive sensitivity to other cultures and the enrichment for the society.- Better comprehension of the reality of the people with special needs and the role of the sport in their social inclusion.- Work the discipline and the teaching methodology from a different and sportive point of view.- The human development with the refugee of human beings like us.(PARTICIPANTS)All the participants will be a age between 15 and 17 years old, and all belong to 4º of secondary education in Spain and the equivalent course in Poland. On this way, we try to guarantee that the teenagers have the same subjects and the same age so that they can live together with in good harmony.In the program will be women and men without treating, our education project is clear in this point because we treat for equal both sex, without being important the social, economic or cultural conditions.To guarantee a safety development and to accompany the process of learning, the groups will be leaded by two adult people.(ACTIVITIES)- Inclusion and social integration through the sport. During several seasons we will explore the reality of the people with special needs and the mode in which the sport is a key instrument to a current life in the society.- Fair play and values linked to the sport. In this block we explore and reinforce the values linked to the sport and their mode of expression more known, the fair play, through theoretical and practice sessions.- Learning process. In these sessions on transversal nature, they have the objective of analysing, reinforcing and evaluating the learning realized during the exchange and the intercultural bonds.- Common sessions. They have like purpose establish the adequate way to get an space of learning common and integrator.- Development of competences. It will be worked though different sessions stablished in the program of activities, it will be a mixture of practice and theory, so the young competences will be reinforced.(METHODOLOGY)The methodology to apply in this phase of the project and specially in the proper activity of mobility, will be based in the principles of the forma and non-formal education, making easier an organised but flexible way to develop a process of learning active and cooperative. We will use a lot of techniques like, school games, search of the treasure, thematic nights, popular dances...(RESULTS AND IMPACT)The performance of the activity will not be important like an impact in the complete development of the teenagers and the improvement of their organizations, otherwise, it will affect as well to the consciousness-raising and the importance of the sport like an educational tool.The benefit of the project will be expanded to other organizations, thanks to the publicity, under open licences, of the methodology file card in the sessions.
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