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Different Languages - one smile

This project is for students and teachers of secondary schools. Participants will collect and share information on how schools in European contries prepare students for lifelong learning. Students will compare possibilities of spending free time in healthy way taking part in sport activities portfolios. They will discuss of common concern (European culture, tolerance towards other cultures and people, differences and similarities of partner schools). They will also parctise foreign languages, mother tongue, teamwork, ect. ICT will feature strongly with the development of a shared website and information being presented there. The website will enable wokr to be accessed by sider communities. During mobilities students and teachers will compare the school systems and put materials on the website. Students will prepare a calendar, a book, a dictionary, CDs and multimedia presentaitons of the results. Communication between students and teachers will be provided by e - mail or writing letters. Teachers and students will meet with partners to review the progress and evaluate work. During visits host students will teach some of their language to visitors, giving value to their language and enhancing visitors' language skills. They will also be shown the folk traditions. Wider community and industry links will be explored and open events held.

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