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Different cultures - Young People Conected
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Oct 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project aims to involve 24 young people from poor families in rural areas who face social and economic obstacles which have a low level of social inclusion. They show a low self-esteem, reduced capacity to adapt to new situations and underdeveloped communication skills. With this project we can help young people succeed to integrate themselves into society, changing their attitudes regarding the new, the unknown. The project involved 24 young people are socially and culturally disadvantaged rural, aged between 17-30 years. Project objectives are:1. Increase access to information on opportunities for social inclusion of 24 socially disadvantaged young people and six group leaders by participating in non-formal activities over a period of 8 days in July 2015. The activities they will discover cultures, mentalities original of the other participants and techniques designed to overcome the information required by the current social environment;2. Increase active social participation of people with disabilities by fostering active communication in multicultural work groups in the context capitalize's cultural background;3. Strengthening the powers of social inclusion of the 24 young participants by putting them in new situations in which to make use of their talents in out-door type activities and fine arts activities young people will require communication skills, imagination, team spirit, but also the manifestation of empathy and tolerance towards other people;4. Promoting national and European values of the 5 countries participating in the project among the young participants through non-formal intercultural learning in multicultural environment created in the project. Young people are encouraged to be actively involved throughout the project, to bring to the attention of community belonging to their own culture and values by which to generate the formation and consolidation of European pro-social attitudes. Activities were chosen to meet the needs of young people involved in the project: A1 Social Inclusion Good practices - presenting their views on finding the best European practices of social inclusion; A2 - Exchange of intercultural experience: by participating in intercultural exchanges information they overcome barriers imposed by the social environment; A3 Ideas, creative, result - Through this activity participants will actively participate in the creation of a multimedia item exceeds the communication barriers, developing, improving digital literacy; A4 - on the road with talent! - young people participate in out-door type activities where they will be placed in new situations ambient and communication; Activity A5 - intercultural Kaleidoscope - By performing arts programs, young people will recognize their local, national and European values. ANVT Association will ensure smooth running of the project, an effective intercellular with partners from the first phase of the project, and their involvement in all activities. The APV will discuss all the details and each partner will have a role in the project. It will take into account the suggestions and needs of young people and will provide a permanent information. ANVT will provide the necessary material and protection of all participants. The project will be monitored and evaluated at each stage. Youthpass will certify the skills acquired during the project: Communication in foreign languages, learning to learn, digital skills, improve social skills and civic awareness and cultural expression. The project will have an impact: the participants (increased self-esteem of young people, a more open attitude of young people towards national and European values, new perspective about their role in society, increasing the skills of teamwork, increasing the chances of social adaptation) the participating organizations (development of best European practices of social integration, gaining added value to the activities to be undertaken participants as individuals, resources, better promote social internal and external) on the target group: improving social skills, communication, social integration of other young) at local and regional level (a more responsible involvement of community members in attracting events and support socio-economic disadvantaged youth, building new partnerships) at national level (improve relations between stakeholders, based on good European practices for social inclusion of disadvantaged young people, using the results of this project to other community associations; increased interest in participation in European projects Erasmus +).
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