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Different cultures – One world
Start date: May 18, 2016, End date: Jan 17, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The contemporary society faces a lot of social problems and challenges. The process of globalization brings its positive and negative impact on almost all the countries and it is important to spread the idea of tolerance, understanding and accepting society. A lot of social conflicts inside one country or certain areas arise because of people’s national, cultural and religious backgrounds. And it is a task of young generation to change the situation for better. The concept of intercultural learning allows youngsters to meet people from other cultures, learn their cultural and national values, traditions, understand their way of life and as a direct result to live in peace with them. Building a tolerant society is impossible without knowledge of cultural diversity in the world around us. The youth exchange “Different cultures – One world” will bring together 30 young people from Italy, Ukraine, Spain, FYROM and Georgia. Using non-formal methods we are going to promote peace, cultural diversity, anti-discrimination principles and develop participants’ competence in the idea of multicultural society with the help of different group activities, workshops, brainstorming and role plays. All the main activities will be held between 12 and 21 September 2016 in Chieti, Italy. The initial idea for the youth exchange “Different cultures – One world” is a result of cooperative work between young and active representatives from the EU and neighboring countries who participated in the youth exchange “We are one world” between 6 and 15 November 2015 in Lviv, Ukraine. The main ideas of the youth exchange were promoting tolerance, multiculturalism and fighting stereotypes which exist in society. The topic and main activities of the project inspired youngsters to go deeper inside the topic and explore the cultural diversity in European context. Analyzing all the aspects which affect the social conflicts, partner organisations decided to explore also some of the related and complex issues, people in EU and neighboring countries face today, like immigration, monoculture versus cultural diversity, cross-cultural communication, social exclusion and discrimination versus active citizenship. It is obvious that people, who face discrimination because of their cultural values, can also face other social problems.In order to reach the main aims and objectives, the group leaders will put a lot of attention during the exchange on a respectful interaction among participants coming from different backgrounds and cultures by highlighting the understanding and value of diversity. The need for the exchange and understanding of different cultures is evident: the learning of these through the implementation of non-formal methods has been proven continuously in a great number of youth exchanges and training courses. During the youth exchange participants will need to work towards a photo exhibition, a short video and an online brochure to express their views and opinions on cultural diversity and multiculturalism in our society, exploring the themes of tolerance, culture, social inclusion, participation, cooperation, European values, diversity and personal identity. They will work in multicultural teams using different social media tools, photos made during the project and other resources to express their ideas. Then, together with the local support team youngsters will set up an exhibition in a public place for local people to learn more about the importance of cultural diversity in the European context from the point of view of young and active representatives from 6 different countries (Italy, Spain, FYROM, Ukraine and Georgia).The objectives of the youth exchange will be:• to promote culture of peace, anti-discrimination, tolerant, understanding and accepting society;• to enable participants to begin to identify their own values, attitudes and cultural biases;• to promote intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding through working in a intercultural group and through creative activities overcoming the fear of cross-cultural communication; • to share and exchange experiences and contexts from different countries within the topics of migration, culture and diversity;• to confront the challenges of diversity and difference in our societies;• to increase awareness of multiple identity, choices, and managing conflicts based on prejudices about a certain group of people;• to give knowledge about cultural diversity in a European context;• to promote the main EU values and cooperation under the Erasmus+ scheme, to develop non-formal and informal learning skills ;• to create a photo exhibition, a short video and an informative online brochure for sharing objectives and outcomes of the youth exchange and to promote the importance of cultural diversity in contemporary society

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