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Different cultures in one classroom - Getting to know different cultures and bringing it effectively and creatively into the classroom
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project: Experiencing and living culture in the classroomTopic: Everyone deserves to get treated the same way - people are people no matter where they come from and what ethical background they have. Having a closer look about the situation of foreign people (e.g.refugees) of Ireland, Turkey and Austria and the differences in cooping with them at their age.Subjects: English, Geography; Ethics and Music (interdisciplinary) - working language is EnglishParticipants: 9th form ( app. 16 students aged 14/15)Profile of participants: it’s their ninth year of studying at school and their 5th year of studying English; cultural as well as language interest presumedMethodology: group work,presentations, using social media, working with statistics, doing research, getting in touch with other people who are not Austrian citizensAim/Background of project: The aim of this project is to learn about different cultures in Austria and the way of dealing with something "foreign" and compare it with Ireland and Turkey. Students are sometimes afraid of getting in touch with "new, foreign" people who are different than themselves. My two teachers, who hopefully get the chance to visit the cultural course in Dublin/Ireland and the teacher experiencing first hand cultural knowledge while teaching in Turkey, can help their students with newly gained information they were taught in their cultural course and which the one has experienced in class. As it was mentioned in the previous parts, the course teaches students one the one hand about the culture in Ireland, on the other hand it focuses on the difficult topic of different cultures in one classroom and how everyone learns to accept it. The third teacher will gain a lot of experience in teaching students in a foreign country, can collect a lot of information about their cultural experience and bring it positively into the project. The three teachers could profit a lot from each other.Teachers will come back from Ireland and Turkey with a folder full of activities, quizzes, handouts and general information about this topic and can help students with their project next school year. They also collect information about the situation of immigration (e.g. refugees) in Ireland and Turkey. Since teachers will learn a lot about the Irish and Turkish culture, they could give their students an input about the Irish and Turkish way of living and the differences they have faced.This project is divided into follwoing parts/steps: • Students get divided into groups of three or four and each one can choose between following topics:- General information about refugees in Ireland & Austria - Focus on institutions which help refugees/foreign people in Ireland, Turkey and Austria - The rights of refugees in these countries- The cultural differences refugees are faced with when they enter these countries- Creating questionnaires and coming up with interviews- Getting in contact with Irish/Turkish students at their age and question them about the current situation and their role of refugees• Students start doing research on the internet to find some basic information about the topics chosen ( work during lessons but also at home)Teachers try to find a partner school in Ireland in order to arrange some students/penfriends at the same age for their project. Turkish contacts can be arranged direckty. The aim of this project is not only to find out about the differences of the treatment of "foreign" people, but also to get in touch with students of their age and communicate with them. If interested, the foreign teachers could to the same project vice versa.• At this stage of the project, students might have found some first information about their topics. In addition to their research, they should now come up with questions about their topics. The group which is responsible for the questionnaires are getting in touch with Irish/Turkish students in order to ask questions they are interested to know.The aim of this contact between students from both countries is to communicate in a foreign language over a few weeks and maybe, to stay in touch for a longer time and get to know more about the person. A friendship between the three nationalities would be the highlight of this project.• After the reasearch , they should now concentrate on the differences/similarities between those three countries. They are supposed to outline the most important facts and the results get presented in their own class and classes of the same level. Also, there is the possibility to invite the principal, other teachers and parents to the presentations.• Finally, all the work gets collected and the results of the project and the project itself gets published on the school website and also in the school’s yearbook.Apart from the project, the teachers will come up with a folder for a planned language course in Ireland which they want to do with the students who did this project a year later.
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