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Die Erweiterung der Internationalisierung der IGP im Rahmen der Bestrebungen hin zu einer Neu-Konzeptionierung nach Dalton
Start date: 16 Jul 2016, End date: 15 Jul 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The objective of the project is to enhance the participants' methodological skills, abilities to sustain the exclusive use of English in class and the ways in which teachers and students give feedback to each other. The participants are two teachers and three trainee teachers from the IGP who support either curricular or extracurricular aspects that foster internationalization. They work quite future-oriented and have already announced their requirements concerning training. The initiation of further European contacts is another important motivation of the participants to take part in the project. A part of the participants' individual training it is also the aim of the project to help the staff to become more professional in teaching methods, especially regarding the recent change in concept towards Dalton. Moreover, it is also crucial to increase the pupils' achievements in terms of the second language acquisition as well as their intercultural competence. By improving the IGP’s teachers‘ and pupils‘ methodological skills we expect positive effects on foreign language classes in general as well as on learning processes in Dalton-classes and the recently established refugees’ class in particular. For our staff, we further anticipate to enhance the efficiency of evaluating our pupils and the ability to sustain foreign language use in class. Increasing teachers’ expertise in the use of modern media will also be used to plan and conduct E-Twinning-projects. For our pupils, we plan to use our new knowledge to facilitate the independent organisation of learning processes, as this is a fundamental part of schooling according to Dalton. Both pupils and teachers are going to benefit from the cultivation of intercultural competences and the establishment of further international contacts with French- and English-speaking countries, which we want to utilise to add to the pupil-exchange-programmes already in existence at our school. The spreading of the participants' experiences is an essential part of the overall project. Thus, the internationalization of the IGP is a long-term goal. To prepare for the training, the participants will meet and discuss existing difficulties to decide for concrete topics of workshops after the training, which they will offer to the remaining staff of English teachers. The five participating teachers of the IGP will take part in the “ALM” or “Didactique à la carte” training in England, Ireland or France of two weeks each in July and August 2016. After the training, the participants will assess which parts at the IGP can be promoted with the help of the new knowledge and will work on concrete aspects of the workshops. These workshops will be presented in the training days of the school in 2016/17. Successful methods will be established in the present curriculum of the school and tested for six months. A fixed group of English teachers will evaluate the report of their experience and the questionnaires. In case of a success, the methods will be integrated into the new Dalton concept. Moreover, the ZfsL in Leverkusen and also our partner schools in other European countries will be informed about the contents and results of the training. Communication with partner schools is to be carried out more by eTwinning and other online platforms and the community of Dalton will also be informed of the new methods. In the long run, we thus seek to successfully integrate the newly gained skills into the classroom in order to be able to better respond to the needs of our students and facilitate the transition into the school’s new teaching concept based on Dalton. We certainly expect progress among our students across the board and anticipate an increase in their ability to take responsibility for their own learning process; an ability that is crucial for life-long learning. Furthermore, we wish to reduce, and ideally resolve, the need for improvement regarding the evaluation of learning process and giving feedback. This need for improvement became known in the quality analysis back in 2011. Since our school has been officially certified as a “Europaschule”, we obviously expect to profit from new international projects and exchange programs that add to our existing collaborations with Poland, France and Turkey. In doing so, we hope to widen our students’ horizons and understanding of Europe and strengthen the European status of the IGP in Bergisch Gladbach.
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