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Die digitale Erfolgsmaschine
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Die digitale Erfolgsmaschine (Digital engine to success) The project is motivated by the fact that many young people are perplexed by the demands and opportunities of the European job market. In discussions among teachers, managers, and pupils from Valencia and Berlin, it has become clear that pupils from both countries are confronted with similar obstacles. Approximately 30 pupils who are receiving an education in micro informatics and networks from the FLORIDA CENTRE DE FORMACIO, COOP. V in Valencia will take part. These pupils are in the second year of their training. Their first year includes orientation in the world of work. At the beginning of their education at the Florida Centre, many pupils are confronted with negative experiences and/or academic failure. On the one hand, these young people struggle with motivation problems; on the other hand, they retain the hope that this education will open the door to the possibility of university studies. Ten pupils from each group will take part in the exchange. The pupils (approx. 20) from the Oberstufenzentrum für Informations- und Medizintechnik (OSZ IMT; Vocational School for Information and Medical Technologies) in Berlin will take one of the two Spanish courses offered. These courses are offered at the beginning of the introductory phase at the berufliches Gymnasium (vocational-academic secondary school) in order to provide pupils with the opportunity to learn a second foreign language in the last three years before the Abitur (school-leaving exams) if they have not yet done so. What distinguishes the upper academic level of the OSZ IMT is that an advanced course in informatics or medical informatics is required. In this respect, pupils are first and foremost motivated by their interest in informatics. However, here too motivation problems and uncertainty regarding future career prospects appear repeatedly. This often results in the young people feeling alienated from their education, which has negative consequences on their academic progress. From among them, ten pupils from each group will take part in the exchange. Through their work as part of this project, pupils will prepare questions regarding future career prospects, not only for themselves personally, but also for the others who are in a similar situation. This collaborative work and the corresponding ongoing exchange with the European partners will allow the pupils to demonstrate their abilities, and it will both challenge and encourage them to take initiative and responsibility for their knowledge in languages, informatics/technology, and other areas. The goal of the project is to expand the independence of project participants in acquiring soft skills and in attaining information to enter the working world. Even the product – a digital engine to success and motivation engine – and the process of developing it is are aims of the project. Uncomplicated digital access to information, fitting for the IT-oriented lifestyle of many young people, should contribute to reducing pupils’ fear of the new before they enter the European workforce. Content: Imparting and acquiring the basic skills required for pupils to orient and position themselves on the European job market (with respect to the example of Germany and Spain – with the possibility of eventually expanding), and developing and formulating pupils’ own career ambitions and perspectives. The result of the work will be a dynamic website, with features in German and Spanish covering work as well as school and university education. The site will present offerings from companies for the promotion of dual study programs as well as the institutions of the Agentur für Arbeit (unemployment agency), the Industrie- und Handelskammer (IHK; Chamber of Industry and Commerce), the Handwerkskammer (Chamber of Trade), and continuing education programs (always including the corresponding institutions in Spain). In addition to the addresses, contact information, and written information, the videos page will include interviews with representatives of the institutions listed above as well as with young people who have experienced professional success and their tips, including seeking work in the partner country. The vision of the project is that pupils will acquire core vocabulary for topics related to work, training, and (higher) education in Spanish, English, and German as well as guidance in composing resumés and applications in the three languages. The participants will view this project as their personal product and will be responsible for its development and completion. The result will be suitable as a reference demonstrating their abilities. The digital engine to success can then be used for future class work in all participating departments as well as other schools and educational institutions.
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