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Διδάσκοντας σ' Ανατολή και Δύση! Συγκριτικά μοντέλα μάθησης στα άκρα της Ευρώπης!
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project Title: Teaching in East and West! Compared learning models at the edges of Europe!Activity: Structured Study Visit for Schools / Institutions & Educational Seminar in Iceland Duration: 7 days training.Location: Reykjavik Number of Participants: 1 Our school's future development project included values such as international understanding, cultural and intercultural awareness, European cooperation in the field of teaching and learning, supported by our diversity and inclusion in the community, that of Europe. Within this context we decided to participate in Action: Learning Mobility of People KΑ1 and to work with our partner English Matters in training our staff.Our objectives were:a) comparative study of educational systems of the country of destination and countries of origin of the participants and whether the distance from the major European centers of decision affected educational outcomes.b) the use of ICT in education, dissemination of foreign languages, etc.c) the interaction between participants and faculty from other countries and establishing new collaborative approaches to learning.d) the possibility of networking and creating reliable teams would lead to potential cross-cutting collaborations with Erasmus+ KA2.e) the greater development of core competencies of our students, as well as developing cultural and intercultural awareness and support for diversity.The teachers participating were selected according to their communicative ability and interpersonal skills, including oral and writing skills in English and ICT, their willingness to share their experiences after returning from the visit, their skills in solving organizational problems and their ability to work in teams.For the implementation of our plan, it required (1) Our immersion in cultural life and the use of English for effective communication in real environment (2) the study of cultural events, while we applied collaborative teamwork, conducting interviews with local residents and participating in seminars and workshops, which allowed us to present to our students a comprehensive and updated picture of the lives of native speakers (3) our participation in collaborative intercultural learning that helped us to take a survey-based methodology of project work to encourage our students to school to compare their own culture and lifestyle with the culture of other European countries and European culture in general (4) the creation of framed original teaching material that participants shared in a multinational team made a bank of resources that will be very useful to prepare lessons for our students and to share with other colleagues at school (5) our contact with other European teachers involved in the program allowed us to share examples of good practice, and (6) the connection of our students and our school with other schools across Europe,establishing future partnerships, provided an enhanced European dimension in our school.Our colleagues, our students and our school benefited from the training program in terms of the development of our personal and professional skills.Our participation in the program affected the European dimension of our school which means building future partnerships Erasmus + KA2 with other European participants, designed to strengthen intercultural benefits provided by our participation in training.Our participation in the training program (A) had a positive impact on our school,community and other institutions -Other schools, associations of teachers, etc., in our region and could all benefit from improved communication and intercultural skills. This also helped reinforce the idea to professionals and citizens at different levels of the similarities and differences between countries within the European Union. (B) Our participation in the program will also affect the European dimension of our school in the future.

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