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Start date: Oct 3, 2016, End date: Oct 2, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Alexandria Institute has gained a considerable experience in teaching the Greek language and culture to people living in Greece and to people who love Greece and want to learn or improve their Greek. It consists of qualified teachers, passionate with the Greek language and culture. We believe that there is a lack of educational material and of new techniques with the use of ICT in teaching Modern Greek language as second language for beginner’s (A1/A2) and intermediate level (B1 / B2) both as far as it concerns a course and exercise book as also in audio-visual material and interactive learning games, assimilation and use of the Greek language.Participants trainee teachers will enhance their knowledge, develop their competencies and skills, will exchange views and adopt inter-cultural approach within the European society. The main objectives of this project are: the enrichment of knowledge, the update on modern methods and learning tools, the improvement of language skills of participants in the foreign language and the culture of inter-cultural skills and empathy with particular emphasis on the idea of accepting the different, exchange views and experiences about teaching of foreign languages and inter-cultural education. The participating teachers will promote the idea of solidarity and humanitarian dimension especially during this period of the refugee crisis within the European principles and values. They will act as multipliers of knowledge and they will transmit their skills and attitudes to other colleagues. They will also raise awareness on issues of inter cultural education, methodology of foreign languages and use of ICT in education. The participating teachers will attend relevant training seminar to be held in Malta. The training teachers will have relevant preparation before the beginning of the seminars in order to make the most out of their participation. On the same time, we take into consideration the rapidly rising need for communication in Greek by people who pass in Greece through the borders with Turkey, all those refugees and immigrants traveling to the European Union and Europe, knowing that a percentage of these may live in the Greek territory. Therefore we believe that it is absolutely necessary to create a material base, for beginners (A1 / A2) composed of functional vocabulary, a brief presentation of Greece and its geographical visualization and basic communication dialogues in three (3) languages: Greek, Arabic, English. This material will be an edition of Alexandria Institute and it will be visualized in videos. The recipients of this educational material will also found more educational material that already exists and will be enriched in the blog, the website on facebook / twitter page of the Institute in order to become more familiar with the Greek language and culture. On the same time, the target groups can receive a personalized information in response to e-mails that will be sent to Alexandria Institute. Participants from the Institute in this project will be at least five (5); all adult educators, graduates in humanities, fluent in Greek and English. The program will be interactive and will consist of presentations, action plans, cooperative and group activities. The methodology will be determined by the level of experience on the issues of language, analysis of student needs, brainstorming and educational training in the European Union by adopting innovative educational techniques during the educational process, by using tools such as blog, the wikis, videos, flashcards to deal with real communicative situations.The impact for Alexandria Institute will be it’s integration in the national institutions that provide comprehensive, constantly evolving and continually updated educational material to those wishing to learn the Greek language. At the same time, the project is expected to have an impact on all adult educators in Greece and abroad. Moreover, the impact will be seen in the implementation of new teaching methods and of an inter-cultural environment in order to serve the asset “knowledge skills and competencies” . The methodology will be enriched with ICT and will also illustrate important aspects of the Greek language and culture.

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