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Dicle’den Avrupa’ya Oyuncak Eğitimi
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Education is the most important factor of success and it is different according to the level of development in each region and country. In our country, it seems like the pre-school education is not sufficient for the children. Participation of the 3-5 group rate in Turkey, in 2008 is only 23,8 % and this is the lowest level of OECD countries. (OECD level is about 77 %). (Unicef 2013). Comparing to Turkey's preschool education, Europe cares more about pre-school education at a quite high level. Europe continues to develop their pre-school institutions with a greater number of younger children. In countries, the ages of these children are about 2 or 3. The percentage of children in pre-school education institutions in Europe is over 90 %.(EURYDICE, 2002) In these schools located in different countries, one of the goals is to improve children's physical and mental abilities through games and other social activities. Educational toys are also play an important role at this point. Educational toys such as clay, sand, water, paint, chalk, animals and legos used during playing help children to improve their dream worlds, physical and mental abilities, creativities and experiences. In this context, pre-school staff and personnel must be qualified. Therefore, in Europe, it is important to improve the people's knowledge who work in the institutions. This way the quality of education increases. For the implementation of such an education system in Turkey and to help the improvement of children's development this project is prepared by Yenişehir Dicle Vocational and Technical High School. Within this program, our participants have visited Romania and Portugal. Both in Romania and Portugal, our project have carried out in 2 stages within 15 days and with the participation of 30, totally 60 people. This project helps our school that has 328 students to develop and increase the quality of education. During the project, our participants had been trained in the field of pre-school toys and also had attend to events that would be sufficient for children in this regard. Participants trained in different kinds of toys and different techniques in educational practice. In addition, they learned how to make particular educational toys and improved their skills in the subject, preparation, implementation, creativity and working in order. They would also be able to build relationships according to functions and matching. Besides, they learned a new culture, a new language and with the acquired European awareness, they would be able to train new and next generations. The key to the success to our school is to educate children in early years. Within this project, we also aim to support individuals to be employed in the future. Besides the benefits, it is clear that our participants will be contributing with the quality of education in our region. The rate of the development in our region is related to the people trainings in long terms. For this, it is expected for our participants to start their careers with acquired experiences and therefore to support the quality to increase in our region.

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