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DICBDPEC Development and Implementation of Common Bachelor´s Degree Programme in the European Context
Start date: Oct 1, 2010,

In the context of lifelong education the career counselling represents a set of activities that allow to citizens of every age and in every stage of life to identify their possibilities, competencies and interests, to be able to decide about their education, vocational training and employment, and to master his personal career in education, work and other areas in which they adopt and/or use these capabilities. Results of the project will be integrated study programme covering the cycle of study (Bachelor) s vyu itím systému kreditov (ECTS), enabling to obtain the recognised joint diploma/Diploma Supplement.The project result will also consist of innovated modular educational programme for postgraduate study for CC using ICT. Both products will be developed in languages of all partner countries (eng, est, ger, gr, pol, slov, span, hrv) along with unified professional terminology in the field of CC in EU context. Partners will jointly develop criteria of quality evaluation of education for CC (with utilization of the ECTS and Diploma Supplement), and propose the criteria of quality ( v súlade s EU tandardami kvality ESG) for study programme of higher and postgraduate education of CC. The project must have an impact on enlargement of European area of higher education in the field of CC, improvement of quality of collaboration between institutions of higher education in the EU framework, increasing the degree of transparency and correspondence between qualifications obtained within the framework of higher education for CC in the EU, support of the development and transfer of innovation procedures with the support of ICT in higher education and VET in the field of CC among partner countries, introducing integrated higher education of the career counsellors within the EU context, increasing the quality and access to higher education and VET of experts specialized in CC with regard to EU dimension.
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