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Διαχείριση online πλατφόρμας εμπορικών συναλλαγών
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The penetration of Internet technology has brought about significant changes in business operation. These changes occur in intra-company level but also in transactions with customers, consumers, partners and suppliers. The use of the Internet has increased, and as a consequence in 2015 about 3.2 million Greeks start to buy on-line services and products worth about 3.5 billion euros. More than 4,000 companies are principally engaged in e-commerce and there are best practices for tourism, insurance, services, m-Commerce, etc. The percentage of Internet users that made online purchases in the first quarter of 2015 stands at 33.8 %, an increase of 14.6 % compared to the first quarter of 2014. The adoption of the state e-procurement system, electronic invoices and administration fees and also the retention of capital controls are all reinforcing e-commerce in high places .The main objective of the proposed project is the training and development of skills in digital technologies and e-commerce applications. Especially in the design, development and management of modern applications that participants should be able to cope in today's competitive business environment, and play an important and even leading role. We also expect the participants to achieve specific educational goals:- Get to know, on professional level, the nature, environment, possibilities and perspectives of the Internet,- To learn about key issues related to e-business and the major procedures of electronic commerce,- To carry out transactions through electronic trading platform,- To know the basic operation and management principles of a warehouse, - To understand the procedures for the transport and distribution of products and their role in running a business,- To demonstrate the value of the certification of qualifications as well as the promotion of transparency of these qualifications,- To develop a culture of cooperation and tolerance.The participants will sensitize modern labor market requirements, understanding the need for lifelong learning and self-learning , taking advantage of information and communication technologies in their work on a daily basis. We aim at that the behaviors of the participants which will be formed and will involve new learning standards, innovative learning tools and new social skills will gain characteristics of deepening and permanence .The plan will involve 42 students of the 1st E.K. of Preveza who are currently being trained in the fields and specialties of the school unit, with 6 accompanying teachers in three flows with host institutions from Italy, Germany and Sweden. The program will be implemented as far as the theoretical part is concerned at the hosts' premises while the practical part will be held in relevant to the subject of training firms selected by the host institutions in cooperation with the 1st E.K. of Preveza in accordance with the curriculum agreed . The methodology of the project consists in organizing a single network system for all actors involved to effectively implement the project. This will be done in 4 axes:- Planning of a management system, monitoring and management of the project.- Development of operational rules and obligations for all those involved in the project.- Definition and evaluation of forms of cooperation protocols between sending organization, hosts, participants and accompanying persons.- Interface web design with companies, organizations and social partners. Expected results:• enrichment of the knowledge and skills of the participants,• to strengthen the degree of autonomy and self-esteem of students,• linking vocational education with the labor market,• increase the degree of extroversion and European profile of our organization The 1st E.K of Preveza as sending institution through cooperation with partners from other countries, discovers new models and new practices that adapt to its environment. It creates in this way, at European level, cooperation networks that will link them to national equivalent ones in which it participates. By participating in mobility programs the 1st E.K. of Preveza becomes a more attractive school raising its educational status and boosting the self-esteem of the students and as a result not only new students increase especially in an era characterized by dystocia in educational choices of adolescents but also the satisfaction of its staff, events that increase impact and long-term benefits.
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