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Διαχείριση Διαπολιτισμικών Ευρωπαϊκών Προγραμμάτων
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

PROJECT SUMMARY 1.PLAISIO / HISTORY PROJECTThe current reality, as shaped by the rapid developments in technology, the ongoing socio-economic changes, globalization, the frequent population movements, new ways of production and distribution of knowledge, have created a new reality in which the schools as live part of it, are called to be flexible and ready to meet new challenges if they are to ensure their survival.Under these circumstances, the school, which is one of the main socializing agencies, invited today to play an important role in creating conditions for mutual recognition and acceptance of pluralism and diversity, as key features of social life. 2. PROJECT OBJECTIVES The main objective should be to create conditions for cooperation and supply all students with key competencies for life, but also intercultural competencies and skills to be able to operate efficiently at national and superanational environment and defending basic democratic principles for a more humane society. In addition the school should and must prepare students properly in a highly competitive labor market in European professional field. But in order the education system to adapt to new social and cultural requirements is imperative the training of teachers in intercultural management programs.Our school, believing that multiculturalism and respect for diversity of the other are values that must underlie a modern European school, open to the challenges of the time, considers necessary the cultivation of all the above through the participation of teachers in training programs in order to turn them to act as multipliers of this knowledge and make our school a center of attraction for each student regardless of ethnicity, culture or social background.Such skills can thrive on intercultural seminars planning, development and management of European programs and teaching methods, since the participants will be communication and daily contact with teachers from other countries, thus enriching the interdisciplinary and intercultural learning. At the same time teachers will have the opportunity and the opportunity to meet potential partners for future programs and plan with them school exchanges as e-Twinning and job shadowing.3. NUMBER AND PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS: The project wishing to join the school director and three teachers. . 4. DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES: The main activity is the active participation in the project teacher training for managing intercultural programs. We will prepare projections Power point, where we will present the cultural characteristics of our organization and a brief lecture on how the Greek schools address these issues and information from the Greek educational system in general. Creating future school partnerships are activities that will result from the project.5. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF RESULTS - IMPACT AND POTENTIAL BENEFITS Teachers will develop skills on preparation, organization and management of intercultural programs and will become familiar with the educational use of the management of such programs. Additional the experiences, knowledge and skills that will be acquired and their distribution to school with the development of such plans will serve as inspiration and push to other teachers to seek European cooperation. Teacher training and experience of this seminar will stimulate awareness of teachers and students on issues of multiculturalism, diversity, equality and mutual respect in the context of a united Europe in economic, cultural and political level. It will foster the abilities of the people who educate our young people to be citizens of the future, a future development, creativity and cooperation, with no one left over and everyone is required to offer. In particular, education in multicultural values and multiculturalism ensures human socialization supremely and develops all the social virtues that must be citizens of the future to develop the progress and sustainability of human societies.
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