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DI.SCOL.A. – Dispersione Scolastica Addio – La professionalità docente per garantire il successo scolastico

The main aim of the project is the creation of elements for methodology of teaching, education quality, the settlement of a general European teaching/training environment meeting the teaching/training needs of the target groups. Primary target groups are teachers and trainers of young students from 14 – 16 years, secondary target groups are educational institutions and organisations. The planned activities are the creation of a web site for project related communication of the partners, a survey of best practice cases in methodology, the application of a quality teaching model to improve the professionalism of the target group. Additionaly, testing of the educational models created by the partners, creation of an educational course based on the planned models, and the evaluation of it by a pilot-experimental study. Expected results of the project are: the creation of a web site for validation, dissemination and communication of the planned models and courses; the creation of an European documentation file about the best practice cases, and a manual showing up processes to improve the teaching quality, the training courses and the evaluation of the existent courses. The short term impact of this project is targeted at the improvement of professional qualification by the methods and models created and their implementation into the educationa/training systems of the partners` and other European countries. The valorisation strategy includes the dissemination and valorisation of the results by the partners` networks, the ongoing website activities, the creation of steering committees on national and European level from the beginning of the project, an IT simulation model and the development of a newsletter distributed to all sectoral and political institutions and a forum on website.

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