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Dezvoltarea resurselor umane ale Colegiul Național ” Alexandru Ioan Cuza” prin strategii moderne de abordare a actului didactic și metode de educație non-formală.
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We live in a century which requires, more or less, to open our minds, ignore the borders, become citizens of the world. The project has established multidisciplinary teams to get accustomed to new innovative European approaches; By comparing and contrasting different educational systems educators could understand what it is like to be an integral part of a globalized world in which education unifies its members. The Project has brought positive and long-lasting effects on the participants and participating organization involved, as well as on the policy systems in which the activities were framed. By the means of this project we managed to improve communication and intercultural interaction among young people, enabling them to meet people from different cultures, promoting cooperation and giving them the opportunity to expand their knowledge and horizons and to develop their European dimension. We worked strategically to develop work methods and ways of organizing the learning environment, with the aim to reaching all pupils and enabling them to develop future necessary key competences. We used esthetical learning processes to grow and boost creativity and innovation among pupils and staff. The most important objectives of this training activity we intended to address were: •Updating teaching methods,methodology and curricula for the teachers involved in the project; •Understanding the European educational systems with the possibility of identifying opportunities and ideas to generate new materials for our teaching activities; •The interdisciplinary approach of the themes of the project improves the quality of the educational process and strengthens education by intercultural exchanges between similar institutions in Europe; • Develop foreign languages skills, promoting open and direct learning; • Facilitate wide access to educational resources and provide students with new opportunities from socio-professional perspective; • Optimizing the image of our high school through the introduction of a European dimension specific to Erasmus+ school projects in Europe in the management policy of each school and in the educational offer; •Raising personal,national and European awareness, developing the spirit of initiative and personal resources in our students; •Learning the attitudes of tolerance, respect and openness to the cultures of the others ; •Stimulate students' motivation for involvement in extracurricular activities,their entrepreneurship and initiative; We believe the human resources represented the most important achievements of this training as important professional and extra professional relationships were developed and exploited which proved to be useful during everyday activities. This project has had a great impact on students as well, bringing out their motivation to strengthen their linguistic and interpersonal abilities. This project has had a beneficial impact on our institution because the teachers and the school manager involved in the activity succeeded in promoting cooperation and mobility between European schools. This training activity was a great opportunity to promote our school image and raise the awareness about the European Union influence in our school and implicitly in our communities through direct partnerships.
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