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Dezvoltarea dimensiunii europene a școlii prin creșterea competențelor cadrelor didactice
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The context which led to the idea of this project implies some elements that have occurred in our school, such as classes with a large number of students which requires a very good classroom management, the existence in each classroom of at least two children with special educational needs, a number of children that come from underprivileged families both from a social and economic point of view and the feedback received from the students and the parents about the way in which the class activities are carried out. The teachers’ needs for professional development refer to acquiring and improving some educational competences such as, using the new creative and innovative methods;professional experience exchange in a multicultural context;communication in English; using new technologies in the process of teaching;using methods, educational instruments and strategies of work with disabled students;leadership;school management;institutional development;relationship competences and making decisions competences; tolerance and acceptance;intercultural understanding;classroom management;supervising the educational process;European values. The objectives of the project are: 1.The managers’ and the teachers’(both primary and gymnasium) development of the professional skills by taking part in professional courses, teaching and practical developments in partner institutions from Europe. 2.The consolidation of the teachers’ linguistic competences and of the feeling of European citizenship by taking part in professional courses that are held in different European countries and the language spoken will be English. 3.An international network of contacts that will provide a permanent exchange of educational methods and instruments for a continuous professional development. 4.The institutional development in schools by integrating in the Institutional Development Plan the teachers’ experience and competences acquired during the professional courses. 5.The implementation of the new competences in the educational activities to meet the new European requirements and to encourage the educational process by using the digital technologies and also for forming the European values. The number of participants in the professional courses and jobshadowing will be like this: - 3 people from the management department - 5 primary teachers - 6 gymnasium teachers There will be also 5 teachers that will take part in the activities on eTwinning. These activities have been chosen to meet all the teachers’ needs for professional development. That is why we took into consideration a course on educational management for the management department to improve their competences and to get them to know another educational system so as to bring the necessary changes in our school. The primary teachers will take part in a course about the inclusive education to obtain the necessary information about the students with special educational needs and the jobshadowing activity will provide the direct observation of the way in which the teachers should work with this kind of children. The gymnasium teachers will take part in a course about the innovative methods so as to improve the quality of the educational process and the jobshadowing activity will help them to observe how these methods are applied. The project on eTwinning will help our teachers to collaborate with teachers from all over Europe; to acquire new educational competences of English and IT and to share the experience acquired through this project. The impact of the project will be firstly on the teachers, who will improve their professional competences, will teach more attractive lessons, taking into consideration the individual differences between students and adapting the content of the lesson according to their level. From the management point of view specific competences will be acquired both by taking part in the professional course and by exchanging experience with educational systems from different countries. Moreover, the students’ adaptation degree to the requirements of the school will increase, the number of absences will be diminished and their involvement in the teaching-learning activity will increase. The methodology of implementation of the project implies establishing the responsibilities for the management team and for the project team, which will consist in the teachers’ cultural and professional preparation, the communication with the partners, the permanent monitorization and internal evaluation of the project using specific instruments. The project will have long term benefits, especially because of the inclusion of strategic aims in the Internal Plan of Development aiming at a long term dissemination of the results, the development of the transnational cooperation and providing the coherence between the competences established in the school curriculums and those practiced in activities by the school curriculums which will be done with the partner schools from Europe.

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