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Dezvoltarea competentelor profesorilor in vederea consilierii elevilor in problematica devenirii personale
Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Aug 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project “Personal Development” appeared out of the need to strengthen a weak link not only in our school – CNPR- but also in the whole Romanian school system. Teachers do not have the necessary skills and competences to counsel students on the path of “living together” or “becoming”, to help young people integrate in a permanently changing world, in a very flexible work market, to develop their ability of acknowledging their own potential, of developing their creative thinking, interacting with others and with oneself, of communicating and behaving pro-actively in view of a fulfilling future evolution. The project intends to optimize the efficiency of the education process by finding solutions to organize the skills, experience, ideals, etc in a coherent personal development plan which will offer students the chance to have a continuously evolving satisfaction regarding their personal evolution. 15 teachers will take part in various courses in view of implementing the following project objectives: The project objectives are: 1. General aim: developing the teachers’ skills in counseling students regarding their personal development. 2. Specific aim: training a number of 15 CNPR teachers to organize personal development activities with the students. 3. Operational aims: O1: Each teacher will be trained in a certain area of personal development O2: Subsequent to training courses the respective areas of newly acquired competences will be gathered in a viable format of personal development for students, organized in a modular format. O3: Design a work strategy which can be personalized according to the student’s personality, needs and intentions for the future. O4: The strategy will be tested on 15 pilot classes, 15 volunteer teachers and 20 teachers who will participate in the CCD training course. 15 CNPR teachers will take part in 15 different training courses in 10 European countries. They will be selected according to their own training needs and according to their capacity to work as team members. The activity will be structured as follows: selection of participating teachers, allotting managerial responsibilities in the project, attending courses, team work to make the first draft of the final products, testing these products on pilot classes, improving the quality of final products, producing the final form of end products, disseminating information towards the indirect target groups (students, school, parents, other schools in town, CCD, local community, national school system), evaluation of project quality. Attending the 15 training courses will result in the acquisition of skills focused on counseling students. The project will have 6 final products: a personal development guide sectioned on school cycles, guide meant to help form teachers/advisors; a collection of exercises focused on all areas of personal development; a syllabus for an optional interdisciplinary course “Managing your Career”; a set of support materials ( questionnaires, polls, questions for a focus group) meant to help measure the students’ evolution along the path of personal development during high school; a set of support materials to help identify students in need of an intensive personal development plan; an optional “Personal Development” course for adults, implemented by CCD. The project will impact a number of target groups: it will specifically impact the teachers participating in various training courses who will develop skills and eventually will be capable of counseling students towards a durable personal development; it will also impact the school which will implement a new policy of personal development for students with the help of the projects’ end products. The general impact will include: CNPR students, who will develop skills and will manage resources so as to reach intellectual, emotional, spiritual and material comfort ; parents, who will receive useful instruments enabling them to help and guide their children along an ascending personal path; other schools in the local community which will benefit of our experience and of the final products; CCD, which will offer a new training course; local community in general since our students will become examples of good practices in assuming their future path; the Romanian school system in general, since the project will draw attention to the necessity of personal development of students. For the future CNPR will gain a better reputation given the interest in educating students along the lines of personal development and will become more attractive for its future students.
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