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Dezvoltam scoala pentru invatare digitala
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

School No. 4 Pucioasa is a small school, being found during a continuous school improvement process, at the beginning of a new way through the IDP aimed at developing a culture of quality, the key skills through the professional development of teachers, the school-community relationship and the European dimension of education that the school provides. The school is suffering significant changes (adoption of new programmes and textbooks at the I-III class, the latter being for the first time in a digital system, tablets for the use of these textbooks and 3 interactive whiteboards through a project of modernisation and expansion of the school through the city hall. As the new ITresources represent an opportunity for the quality of teaching, the managers have identified the following problems: 1)teaching staff is not trained to use the new ITresources because they haven’t been trained in this direction. Moreover, the majority has only basic ITskills, at lessons using only to a small extent the It resources, and their teaching practices are traditional, lacking modern ITapproaches . 2)to introduce and change something according to the direction endorsed by the Ministry, the Europe 2020 strategy (integration of IT in education), the management team finds that it is not prepared to implement the change (to be one with long–term effects, sustainable and to ensure the institutional progress). The management team considers the opportunity of the institutional development to be possible only through the correct, consistent and sustainable integration of the new technologies in the teaching act (interactive boards and tablets). The management team needs to adopt a new management strategy based on a well defined digital learning policy, with consistent and appropriate activities and an efficient use of the management tools (management plan, procedures). The team considers that all these things may be learnt and that teachers may be trained within the structured courses provided by the EU host organisations with valuable experiences and results in the areas described above. Thus, the purpose of the project is to foster the modernization of the education provided by the school, by developing and steering digital learning policies with a representative target group from the teaching staff (11 teachers out of 38), which will use an innovative approach and expand the use of ICT in the educational process, developing the digital learning with interactive whiteboards and tablets as attractive and effective means of study, between 1.09.2015-1.09.2017. The project correlates with 3 targets of the IDP and with the EDP. The target group is represented by 11 teachers (29%) who will attend 4 structured courses on the following themes:1.Leadership in Education-FN (3 teachers-Admin.Council); 2.Tap-Swipe-Pinch. Tablets changing the way to learn and teach-PT (3 primary teachers); Swipe-Pinch-3.Tap into English. Learning English with tablets, UK, (2 English teachers); 4. Becoming Confident Users of Interactive whiteboards & Developing Educational Links Within Europe, UK (2 teachers,1 primary teacher). The Courses entitles the beneficiaries with good EU practices, policies, strategies and management tools, and also digital skills (technical and methodical) in using the interactive whiteboards and tablets. They provide the participants with opportunities of identifying and establishing new partners in Europe. After the mobilities: -3 members of the Admin.Council will develop a school policy regarding the digital learning, will review the management plans to ensure its steering, will use other management tools of projecting-organising-monitoring-control-assessment with European influence, so as to realise the activities from the Personal Development Plan (in no more than one month after the mobility –up to Aug 2017). -8 beneficiaries of the courses 2, 3 ,4 will define the Personal plan and will integrate in the lessons what they have achieved during the courses (they will design units of learning and lessons based on the integration of tablets and interactive boards and will hold classes/extracurricular activities with these resources). -all the beneficiaries: will disseminate the learning outcomes permanently, the professional experiences gained from the integration of what they have learned, will collaborate in groups/mobility to develop some materials which will be included in a Good Practices Guide. - based on what they have achieved by attending these courses, they will hold 5 workshops to train the other colleagues from the school and from the AdminCouncil in order to familiarize them with the European management and didactic practices and expand the policy for digital learning - will collaborate with the reception organization, with their former colleagues from the courses and wwill initiate at least 3 European activities with with ITCintegration in curriculum up to 1.09. 2017 (2 eTwinning projects+1KA2 application.
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